Last Updated: 31 March 2021

z/VM Continuous Delivery Suspended Projects

This page contains a list of new function projects for z/VM that are no longer being considered. There are times when new function projects are suspended due to lack of customer interest, or higher priority projects force a shift of development resources. If you are a current or prospective IBM z/VM customer, and your company has a need for an item on the suspended projects list, please contact Kerry Wilson or work with the z/VM Council to help address the needs of your business.

Characteristics of a New Function APAR

New Function Information
Name The name of the project. This can include any previous names the project was known by.
Description A brief summary of what changes, who it effects, and why you would care.
Status Along with the current status, this will give indication of key changes since the last iteration of this page.
Target availability Depending on the project, where it is in the cycle, and other factors, this will list TBD, a quarter, a month, or, in cases where it has become available, a date. This is not a commitment and as more is learned about the work and priorities the target availability date will likely be adjusted.
Compatibility This will describe how compatible an item is. In most cases, this will say 'No known incompatibilities'. It is not meant to list all details like a migration guide, but to give some indication of what to expect.
Enablement This will briefly describe how enablement is managed for this Small Product Enhancement. Can it be enabled or disabled? What is the default? Can it be done dynamically? Is it on a virtual machine basis or system wide basis? It is not meant to describe all details of that process, but to give an idea of what's involved. Will also give indication of whether an IPL of the z/VM system is required, or just recycle of virtual machines or new CMS modules.
Effect Describes what effect enabling the code may have beyond the compatibility statement above. Such as may slightly elongate logoff time or CCW translation code paths changed. These are basically meant to be hints as to how the system may respond or behave differently.
ISV impact Indicates any impacts to ISV related products that are known, such as "If using a directory manager product, see vendor for required updates."
Linux or hardware interaction Indicates whether a special level of Linux or hardware is required because of an interaction or dependency.
Environment variable name If the CP New Function Indication API (APAR VM66439) is installed, the variable name is used to determine if the function is present on the z/VM system. Variable names are only present on CP New Function APARs released after the z/VM 7.2 GA date. For non-CP function, such as CMS, TCP/IP, Performance Toolkit, etc., or CP APARs released prior to z/VM 7.2, there will be no variable associated with the function and this field will show "N/A". Some new function APARs may introduce more than one environment variable and/or add new valid values to existing variables. Please see the z/VM New function Variable List for more information.
This cell has been intentionally highlighted. Cells with this shading have been recently changed.
Release(s) Indicates the releases planned for this enhancement.
Service details See below for the IBM service information.
  APAR Information and link to the Authorized Program Analysis Report.
  PTF Information and link to the Program Temporary Fix.
  RSU Information and link to the Recommended Service Upgrade.
z/VM suspended projects Last updated
Group Memory Limiting March 31, 2021
ZHPM (IBM Z Hypervisor Performance Manager) Application March 31, 2021

Group Memory Limiting
Name Group Memory Limiting
Description Group Memory Limiting would allow users to constrain the main memory footprint of certain workloads.
This item will allow limiting of real memory resources consumed by members of a resource pool. The limit would be enforced via periodic checks. If the total in-memory frames of the pool are over the limit, frames would be reclaimed from each guest in the pool. This could result in increased paging activity on the system as reclaimed frames must be paged out. There would be a choice of whether the same number of frames are reclaimed from each guest or guests are trimmed proportionally to bring the pool back under the limit.
Status Withdrawn due to lack of customer interest.
Target availability N/A
Compatibility No known incompatibilities.
Enablement Apply PTFs and re-IPL z/VM to activate the code.
Effect No effect to current usage of DEFINE RESPOOL or QUERY RESPOOL, current keywords will remain unchanged.
ISV impact No known impacts at this time.
Linux or hardware interaction No known Linux or hardware interaction at this time.
Environment variable name N/A
Release(s) N/A
Service details N/A

ZHPM Application
Name ZHPM (IBM Z Hypervisor Performance Manager) Application
Description The ZHPM application is a Java program that is executed within a Linux service virtual machine. ZHPM protects important workloads while maintaining high utilization of IBM z/VM CPU resources.
Status Withdrawn due to lack of customer interest.
Target availability N/A
Compatibility ZHPM exploits z/VM CPU Pools but tolerates pools managed separately (e.g., by client functions).
Enablement Assuming the CP APAR (VM66105) is applied (which requires IPL), define guest, install Linux, deploy ZHPM RPMs, configure and start ZHPM.
Effect ZHPM provides policy-based management of CPU resources for workload resource groups (sets of virtual machines that support a particular workload), no effect on system without enabling.
ISV impact External Security Manager (ESM) auditing of STHYI functions enabled; Monitor Application Domain records generated
Linux or hardware interaction Requires customer provided Linux
Environment variable name N/A
Release(s) N/A
Download details A link to IBM Fix Central will be provided when ZHPM is released.
Service details CMS (license only)
  APAR VM66128