z/VM New Function Variable List

Last Updated: 12 December 2020

The table below contains a listing of variables and associated data used for indicating z/VM new function. Mouse over the table headers for descriptions on the columns. The data can be sorted by clicking on the table headers, and data in the table can be filtered by using the text input field on the right.

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A list of new function variables and details
Release APAR APAR name Environment variable name Data type Variable value Variable value description Last updated

This variable indicates that IPv6 addresses for Layer 2 VSwitches will be displayed on the QUERY VSWITCH and the QUERY VIRTUAL NIC commands and on the output of the DIAG '26C'.

support level 1 IPV6 Layer 2 Query Support is installed. December 12, 2020

This variable indicates the ability to report real device settings established by the DEVICES configuration statement and the SET DEVICES command.

support level 1 CP QUERY DEVICES function is installed. October 8, 2020
7.2 VM66449 VARY ON RDEV Multi Processor Support CP.FUNCTION.DASD.MP_VARY_ON

This variable indicates the presence of multi processor support for the VARY ON RDEV command.

support level 1 The VARY ON RDEV command now has the ability to complete its processing on any processor. This work previously was limited to running on only the master processor. This ability reduces the response time of large VARY ON RDEV commands. September 29, 2020
7.2 TBD Dynamic Memory Downgrade CP.FUNCTION.MEMORY.RECLAIM

This variable indicates the presence of functionality which allows real memory to be dynamically removed from a running CP system.

support level 1 Dynamic removal of reconfigurable memory is supported. August 18, 2020
7.2 TBD Dynamic Memory Downgrade CP.LIMIT.MEMORY.RECONFIG

This variable indicates the current limitation on how much storage can be designated as reconfigurable. The value indicates the maximum percentage of a system's real memory that can be designated as reconfigurable. Reconfigurable memory may only be defined if there is already 4G of memory designated as permanent.

decimal integer 0-100 50 Value indicates that 50% of a system's real memory can be designated as reconfigurable. September 15, 2020

This variable indicates enhancements to the SET EDEVICE command or the EDEVICE system configuration statement.

support level 1 The LUN operand on the SET EDEVICE command and the EDEVICE system config statement is optional after the first path has been established. December 12, 2020

This variable indicates the presence of Preserve Mirror support for z/VM FlashCopy commands.

support level 1 FlashCopy commands have the "PRESERVemirror" operand to be used to avoid PPRC suspend conditions when the target of a FlashCopy is also a PPRC Primary device. FlashCopy now also allows target devices to be Global Mirror Primary devices. September 14, 2020
7.2 TBD Four TB Main Memory Support CP.LIMIT.MEMORY.REAL_TOTAL

This variable indicates the limitation on the maximum real memory supported for a z/VM system. The variable is a decimal integer value of terabytes of real memory. The amount of memory supported per guest or on a second level z/VM system may be different. See CP Planning and Administration for more details.

Positive decimal integer 4 Variable value indicates that 4 TB is the maximum real memory supported for a z/VM system. August 19, 2020
7.2 VM66421 1-END HyperPAV Minidisk Support CP.FUNCTION.DASD.HYPERPAV_1_END

This variable indicates new Parallel Access Volume (PAV) function.

support level 1 Support for 1-END HyperPAV Minidisks is available. December 12, 2020
7.2 VM66431 Improve I/O Time for Dump Processing CP.FUNCTION.DUMP.SPEEDUP

This variable indicates the presence of functionality which reduces the elapsed time required to write CP dumps.

support level 1 z/VM exploits the use of zHPF I/O to reduce the I/O elapsed time for writing hard abend and snap dumps. September 15, 2020
7.2 VM66201 z/XC Architecture Support CP.FUNCTION.ZXC

This variable indicates the presence of support for z/XC architecture mode, that is, the ability for XC virtual machines to exploit z/Architecture instruction set and capabilities concurrentlly with VM Data Spaces.

support level 1 z/XC architecture mode is available for XC virtual machines. September 15, 2020



Data type indicates that the variable is associated with support level. A variable value of one indicates the initial support. Each successively higher value represents an additional enhancement in the area described by the variable.