DirMaint Requisites for use with DFSMS Function Level 221

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All DFSMS level 221 users with DirMaint 1.5.0, FL 410, or FL 510.


Use of DFSMS with either DirMaint 1.5.0 or DirMaint Feature FL 410 or FL 510 requires DFSMS PTFs UM27392 for APAR VM59612 and UM29342 for APAR VM62140, both on volid 9905 and later.


Install UM27392 on volid 9510 and UM29342 on 9905.


Messages "DVHADZ2222E An invalid device type value has been specified." and "DVHADZ2270E DIRMaint for DGRSRVnn RMDISK 500 >>> 3380 <<< 1 2 $$$$$$", or "DVHALC3534E All candidate areas exhibited a device type different from the device type specified on the allocation request."


Update DirMaint's EXTENT CONTROL file as follows.

  1. Make sure the AUTOBLOCK section contains the following entries:
         3380  800 540 1 CKD
         3380  512 690 1 CKD
         3380 1024 465 1 CKD
         3380 2048 270 1 CKD
         3380 4096 150 1 CKD
  2. Make sure the DEFAULTS section contains the following entry:
         3380 885
    (or any number larger than 2+the number of DGTSRVnn ids).
  3. Make sure the REGIONS section does *not* contain an entry for volume $$$$$$, or if present that the device type is 3380.
Then issue a <DIRM> RLDEXTN command.

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