Last Updated: 11 September 2023

In order to help provide meaningful progression for various roles of z/VM users we have broken the courses into four tracks or roadmaps. Choose a role that resembles your use case as close as possible, and then follow the roadmap courses in the order they are presented.

The roadmaps cover the following z/VM roles:


In order to make the content available to all audiences and assure privacy compliance, there is no mechanism to track the progress of the roadmap completion. While you can log in with your IBMid on this site, it will not record your course progression.


z/VM education roadmap coverage

Reference the table below to find which videos are contained on the various z/VM education roadmaps.

Video Name z/VM Basic
Education Roadmap
New z/VM System
Programmer Roadmap
z/VM Advanced
Education Roadmap
100 - What is z/VM?

101 - z/VM Virtualization Basics

102 - CP and CMS Customization

103 - Twelve Pillars of System Management

104 - Introduction to System Administration

105 - Introduction to CMS Pipelines

106 - Introduction to RACF

200 - Rexx Coding Techniques - Part 1

201 - Rexx Coding Techniques - Part 2

202 - Problem Determination

203 - z/VM Virtual Switch (VSwitch): The Basics

204 - z/VM Introduction to the Directory Maintenance (DirMaint)

205 - z/VM Introduction to Single System Image (SSI)

206 - z/VM LGR and Relocation Domains

207 - z/VM Single System Image (SSI) - Usage Scenarios

208 - z/VM Performance Data Pump - Overview and Demo

209 - z/VM Startup and Shutdown - Best Practices

300 - What's Going Wrong? LPAR Weights

301 - z/VM Virtual Switch (VSwitch): Advanced Topics

302 - z/VM SSI & LGR: Performance Topics