Last Updated: 13 December 2022

Experienced z/VM System Programmer Roadmap

The advanced roadmap assumes you have previous IBM mainframe experience. Perhaps you have a background in z/OS and would like to learn more about z/VM. The education in this track skips some of the basic education found in the other roles.

Example of this role may include: z/OS System Programmer, Current z/VM System Administrator

Session 300 - What's Going Wrong? LPAR Weights

This presentation reviews the basic concepts about LPAR weight, the notion of entitlement, how to recognize configuration problems, and how to correct them. Techniques and tools that might help are discussed.

Date added: November 1, 2022

0:00 - Introduction
1:25 - Basic concepts
12:06 - Ways things go wrong
32:53 - Tools
37:21 - Summary

LPAR Weights presentation

Session 301 - Virtual Switch (VSwitch): Advanced Topics

The Virtual Switch (VSwitch) is a virtualized representation of a hardware LAN switch. A virtual switch is capable of bridging a z/VM guest LAN to an associated real LAN connected by an OSA-Express adapter. This video presents advanced z/VM Virtual Switch topics and includes an extensive discussion on link aggregation and diagnostics.

Date added: December 13, 2022

0:00 - Introduction
0:53 - IEEE 802.3ad and Link Aggregation
12:35 - Shared Link Aggregation Port Groups
15:48 - IVL Domain
17:19 - IVL VSwitch
18:35 - IVL Dynamic Controls
19:31 - Create the Shared Port Group
20:24 - Define a Global VSwitch
21:38 - Asynchronous Global VSwitch Initialization
24:42 - OSA Priority Queuing
27:44 - HiperSocket Virtual Switch Bridge
34:12 - VEPA - Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator
39:03 - z/VM Virtual Switch SNMP MIB
41:08 - Diagnostics
51:21 - Support Timeline

z/VM Virtual Switch - Advanced Topics presentation