Last Updated: 1 November 2022

Replays of z/VM Live Virtual Classes

Note: The links to the recordings may no longer be available, however, the presentations are still accessible and are a good source of education on a particular subject.

Title Date Abstract Replay Link
z/VM Installation Demonstration - Part 1 and Part 2 PDF September 19, 2018, September 26, 2018 In this presentation we demonstrate an install of z/VM. As the install forces us to make decisions, we discuss the various options and how particular choices affect the install and the eventual result. Because an installation entails movement of a lot of files, which can take quite a bit of clock time, the presentation consists of two hands-on sessions. Click here (part 1)
Click here (part 2)
What It Means to Measure Your z/VM Security PDF October 18, 2017 This session explores the security lifecycle to explain the "how" and "why" of end-to-end security management. z/VM will be used as the illustrative example, but the lessons also apply to Linux on z and the other IBM Z operating systems. Click here
z/VM 6.4: Preparation & Use PDF June 28, 2017 This presentation reviews some of the key changes in the release. First we'll look at your existing system and discuss what will be different when you go to z/VM 6.4. Next we'll look at what you should change prior to IPLing z/VM 6.4, things like expanded storage or changes for HyperPAV paging. system. Click here
z/VM 6.4 Upgrade in Place Installation PDF May 31, 2017 In addition to the traditional z/VM installation process, z/VM has been enhanced to support a new upgrade in place installation technique. This technique will enable you to upgrade an existing z/VM 6.2 or z/VM 6.3 system to the new z/VM 6.4 release with minimal impact to the current running system. Click here
Security for z/VM 6.4 - News and How To's PDF March 15, 2017 This presentation covers the latest information on z/VM security features, including technical functions new to z/VM 6.4. Topics will include changes to default security settings, usability enhancements for the RACF for z/VM Security Server, and cryptopgrahy-related enhancements. Click here for part 1 Click here for part 2
What's new in Newton: the latest z/VM Cloud Manager Appliance release OpenStack, and you! PDF February 15, 2017 You can expect to learn about our cloud enablement strategy, OpenStack, and a bit about xCAT. By the end of the session you'll know how to enable our cloud support via the new CONFIGUR wizard, how to automatically monitor the health of your CMA, and what exactly we mean by OpenStack Newton support. Click here
z/VM 6.4: A Customer Driven Release PDF November 11, 2016 This session will discuss what is new with z/VM 6.4. We'll discuss items such as HyperPAV for z/VM ECKD paging, 2TB real memory support, improved SCSI management, and new CMS Pipelines library. Click here
z/VM Charge Back Methods and Models PDF September 21, 2016 This session will help you build a model for charging back in a z/VM environment and help you implement it. The session will review different models for charge back and also look at how accounting and performance data can be used for this. Click here
What is OpenStack and how can I use it on z/VM? PDF May 11, 2016 In this session we'll look at what OpenStack is and how z/VM OpenStack enablement support works. We'll talk about our OpenStack Liberty enablement architecture and what it takes to install and configure it. Click here
How do you spell SMT on z Systems? PDF August 27, 2015 This session will explore what SMT is from a hardware perspective and how we implemented it in z/VM. We'll discover the new and changed commands and configuration statements, so you know how to implement it in your shop. Click here
How z/VM Live Guest Relocation is used by GDPS - Introduction and Demo PDF February 25, 2015 With z/VM 6.2, z/VM supports Single System Image (SSI) and Live Guest Relocation (LGR). With GDPS 3.10, GDPS can handle and control such setups. The presentation covers:
  • a short introduction to LGR, GDPS and xDR
  • GDPS maintenance scenarios which make use of LGR
  • introduction to LGR concepts and how GDPS can control LGR
  • a short demo
  • best practices
Click here
z/VM CPU Pooling and ILMT PDF October 29, 2014 This session will discuss CPU Pooling along with other enhancements to z/VM 6.3 that allow greater control over processor resource usage. It will also cover some of the aspects of the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) and how the two work together. Click here
What's New in the z/VM 6.3 Hypervisor PDF August 27, 2014 This session will provide an overview of the scalability and performance improvements in z/VM 6.3, along with other enhancements. Click here
z/VM Platform Update PDF August 28, 2013 The session will focus on z/VM 6.3, the newest release of z/VM that became available on July 26, 2013. z/VM 6.3 brings improvements in scalability, efficiency, and systems management. Click here
Live Demo - z/VM Live Guest Relocation PDF
For additional information on the demo, click here.
March 13, 2013 This IBM z/VM Live Guest Relocation (LGR) session shows how simple it ca be to use the Single System Image (SSI) and Live Guest Relocation (LGR) functionality. Click here
z/VM 6.2 Performance Update PDF February 27, 2013 z/VM 6.2 introduces SSI clusters and Live Guest Relocation. With these fabulous new functions come new performance considerations. This session describes the performance factors of SSI clusters and LGR along with a brief review of changes to Capacity Planning. Click here

Title Date Abstract Replay Link
z/VM 6.2: Increasing the Endless Possibilities of Virtualization PDF November 28, 2012 z/VM 6.2 delivered on the promise of Single System Image (SSI) clusters and Live Guest Relocation (LGR). This session will focus on ways that SSI and LGR allows you greater flexibility. Click here
z/VM Live Guest Relocation - Planning and Use PDF August 22, 2012 Live Guest Relocation was introduced in z/VM 6.2. For this session, topics include system and guest configuration planning, definition of relocation domains to allow guests to be relocated among specific members of your SSI cluster, and how to prepare for and actually relocate your Linux guests from one member of your SSI cluster to another. Click here
z/VM 6.2 Single System Image and Live Guest Relocation Overview PDF July 25, 2012 Shared resources among members of a Single System Image (SSI) cluster make multi-system management and maintenance easier than ever. Live Guest Relocation within the cluster provides the ability to relocate running Linux guests from one member to another. Click here