z/VM service required for the IBM z16

Last Updated: 26 April 2022


z/VM support for the IBM z16

All z/VM IBM z16 service mentioned below is included in the base of z/VM 7.3, planned to be available during 3Q 2022. No additional service for z/VM 7.3 is required in support of the IBM z16.

Pre-requisite service for Single System Image (SSI) environments

The PTF for APAR VM66504 provides infrastructure support in z/VM 7.1 and 7.2 for the IBM z16 servers and must be installed on all the members of an SSI cluster before any member is IPLed on the IBM z16.

In addition, the PTF for APAR VM66206 provides infrastructure support for z/VM 7.1 and must be installed on all members of an SSI cluster before any z/VM 7.1 member of the cluster is IPLed on the IBM z16.

Both PTFs are included in the base of z/VM 7.3.


Required z/VM 7.1 and 7.2 service for the IBM z16

With the PTF for APAR VM66532 (and all required pre-requisite APARs), planned to be available May 31, 2022, z/VM 7.1 and 7.2 (included in the base of z/VM 7.3) provide support that will enable guests to exploit functions supported by z/VM on IBM z16, which includes the following new hardware facilities:

  • Guest enablement to exploit the following functions:
    • Imbedded Artificial Intelligence Acceleration designed to reduce the overall time required to execute CPU operations for neural networking processing functions and help support real-time applications like fraud detection.
    • Compliance-ready Central Processor Assist for Cryptographic Functions (CPACF) counters support allows guests to track crypto compliance and instruction use.
    • Breaking Event Address Register (BEAR) enhancement facility improves the ability to debug wild branches.
    • Vector Packed Decimal Enhancements 2 delivers new instructions intended to provide performance improvements.
    • Reset DAT Protection Facility provides a more efficient way to disable DAT protection, such as during copy-on-write or page change tracking operations.
    • Support for the Consolidated Boot Loader provides guest IPL from a SCSI LUN.
      Note: Guest IPL from SCSI, with or without the DUMP option, will now require a minimum guest virtual memory size of 768 MB.
    • The RoCE Express3 adapter allows guests to exploit Routable RoCE, Zero Touch RoCE, and SMC-R V2 support.
    • The Crypto Express8S (CEX8S) adapter is supported as a dedicated or shared resource. When dedicated, guests will be able to take advantage of all functionality available with the CEX8S adapters including assorted new enhancements and use of Quantum Safe APIs. Q CRYPTO DOMAIN will report all crypto adapters that are configured in EP11 mode with the 'P' suffix instead of the 'S' suffix.
  • Support for CPU and Core topology location information will be included in z/VM monitor data, providing a better picture of the system for diagnostic and tuning purposes.
  • Support for the OSA-Express7S 1.2 (1G, 10G 1000-BaseT, OSA-Express7S 1.1 (25G) Adapters, Coupling Express2 LR Adapter, and 32Gbps 2 port FICON Adapter) is transparent to z/VM 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3 and does not require additional service.


Additional z/VM information

Migrating z/VM to the IBM z16 servers:

  • If you are upgrading to an IBM z16 server from a z13 / z13S or earlier server, you MUST upgrade the Stand Alone Program Loader (SAPL); otherwise you will not be able to IPL z/VM.
    For more information, refer to the red alert issued December 13, 2017.

Installing z/VM on IBM z16 server:

  • z/VM 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 can be installed directly on an IBM z16 server. Installation from the IBM z16 server's USB flash drive is supported. Information on receiving z/VM product deliverables electronically can be found at: https://www.vm.ibm.com/install/prodinst.html

Support for the IBM z16 servers also requires the PTFs for the following APARs:

  • ICKDSF support requires APAR PI46151.
  • EREP/VM support requires APAR VM65952, provided in the base of z/VM 7.2 and 7.3.
  • HCD IBM z16 A01 support requires APARs VM66445
    Note: IBM z16 requires z/CMS and z/XC support to be configured for the guest defined to exploit z/VM HCD support. z/XC support is provided by z/VM 7.1 and 7.2 PTFs for APARs VM66201, VM66425 and is included in the base of z/VM 7.3.
  • HCM IBM z16 A01 support requires APAR VM66371.
  • IOCP support requires APAR VM66549.
    Note: IOCP also requires z/CMS support. In addition, once applied the IOCP APAR will require z/CMS support on any IBM zSystems or LinuxONE server.
  • HLASM support requires APARs PH39324.


APAR Table

APAR z/VM 7.1 z/VM 7.2 z/VM 7.3 Description

7.3 base Infrastructure support required for SSI

7.2 base 7.3 base Infrastructure support required for SSI

7.3 base Required to exploit function supported by z/VM on IBM z16

7.3 base ICKDSF support

7.2 base 7.3 base EREP/VM support

7.3 base HCD support

7.3 base HCM support

7.3 base IOCP support

7.3 base HLASM support