VM/Pass-Through Facility (PVM)

Product Number: 5684-100 Release 2.1.1

Last Updated: 1998-12-15

VM/Pass-Through Facility (PVM) is a communications product used by VM users to access other systems (such as VM, MVS, OS/390, VSE, and AIX). PVM lets you access, log on, and use another system in defined PVM and SNA networks as though your display station is directly connected to that system. All you need is a user ID for the system you want to access. Once you have connected to a target system, you may communicate with that system as though you are working on that system.

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Latest PVM News

  • The PVM 2.1.1 product was YEAR 2000 compliant at general availability. But important Year 2000 information for VMSES/E must be reviewed prior to installing any RSU or SDO tapes in the year 2000.
  • Postscript and PDF versions of the PVM 2.1.1 program directory, dated April 1998, can now be downloaded from the WEB! All appropriate BookMaster fonts along with postscript commands to duplex have been included.
  • RSU 9901 is now available for PVM 2.1.1
  • VM/ESA 2.3.0 provides for 32768 (from 4096) logical device addresses. APAR VM61373 (included in RSU 9801), provides PVM support for 32K LDEV's.

PVM General Information

  • View information on PVMG/VSE terminal support for VSE Guests.
  • View information on DVMUSI Enhancements delivered by APAR VM61373.
  • View information on MPVM EXEC Enhancements delivered by APAR VM61373.
  • View information on PVM 2.1.1 Enhancements delivered by APAR VM60644.
  • View information on PVM 2.1.1 End User Features
  • View information on PVM 2.1.1 System Administration Features
  • View information on running PVM with CMS 12 or higher
  • The latest preventive service available is:
    • PTF UV99211 for PVM 2.1.1 is RSU 9901.
    • PTF UV99210 for PVM 2.1.0 is PUT 9401
    • PTF UV97140 for PVM 1.4.0 is PUT 9203
  • The latest program directory available is:
    • PTF UV98211 for PVM 2.1.1 is April 1998
      LIST3820, LIST38PP (both require A 38PP or 3820 printer and BookMaster Release 4.0 to print), LISTPS (downloadable) and BOOK versions are available.
      If you can not print versions of the program directories available with UV98211, contact the support center for the latest copy.
    • For PVM 2.1.0 is June 1993
  • View information on VM/ESA Service.
  • Problem records with the PVM Support Center can be opened online.
  • PVM service can be ordered online
  • Status of PTF orders can be obtained online.
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