z/VM V5.3 Evaluation Edition

Updated: 08 July 2010

The z/VM V5.3 Evaluation Edition is a no-charge trial version of z/VM 5.3 that is intended to provide all IBM System z10 customers with the opportunity to evaluate z/VM. It can be used to allow new z/VM customers to familiarize themselves with z/VM virtualization technology on the System z10. The z/VM Evaluation Edition can also be used to evaluate proofs-of-concept, effectiveness, robustness, and other capabilities of z/VM.

The Evaluation Edition is not intended for production and the configuration is limited to a "trial" execution environment. There are no facilities to apply service to the Evaluation Edition.

The z/VM V5.3 Evaluation Edition contains the IBM DirMaint and Performance Toolkit for VM optional features, as well as ICKDSF and EREP. All the z/VM V5.3 features and functions are available except for RSCS and the RACF Security Server features, HCD/HCM, and OSA/SF. These features cannot be ordered for the z/VM Evaluation Edition.

Read the z/VM V5.3 Evaluation Edition FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions)

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