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List of Monthly Favorites (40 total)

Rank Count Name Types Abstract More...
1 29 CP3KVMXT Summarizes Monitor data for input to IBM zPCR & zCP3000 capacity planning tools (+)
2 26 LXCMS Linux access to CMS resources (+)
3 22 INSTPROD Automated install of IBM products for z/VM including Operations Manager, Backup and Restore Manager, Tape Manager, zSecure, and OMEGAMON XE. (+)
4 20 GUISKEL A framework to build REXX CMS/GUI applications much easier. V3 (+)
5 20 MONVIEW Tools to look at raw z/VM monitor data captured by Monwrite. (+)
6 19 SQLITE SQLite is a C-language library that implements a small, self-contained, high-reliability, full-featured, SQL database engine, ported to CMS. (+)
7 17 B2H B2H: Convert Bookmaster, GML, Script/VS and "flat" files to HTML (Internet)   Release 4.7 (+)
8 17 FCOPY * FCOPY - High speed CMS file copy routine with PACKLIB support (+)
9 17 PCR The PCR utility enables CMS commands, subcommands, and Rexx functions/subroutines to be written in PL/I. (+)
10 16 GUISET Tailor XEDIT settings via a CMS GUI application (+)
11 16 PUTFILES PUTFILES is the converse of GETFILES Pipelines stage V2.2 (+)
13 15 GET370AC Check all logged on users for the 370ACCOM setting (+)
14 15 GUIONE Make your own CMS/GUI performance monitor (includes GBOS2) V1.1 (+)
15 15 MAILGATE Package to enable SMTP gateway functions on a pre-VM/ESA 2.3.0 system. (+)
16 15 TAB2GC Draw charts entirely on CMS (+)
17 14 CP4ZVM72 Tool check for service on a z/VM 7.1 system that is not in base of z/VM 7.2 (+)
18 14 FIXDATE A front-end to call DMSPLU with more liberty in date format (+)
19 14 NETDPIPE Pipe stage to handle NETDATA stream; Pipeline SENDFILE/RECEIVE (+)
20 14 REMEMBER REMEMBER an XEDIT session, for recreating later (+)
21 14 XTREE To display Package tree hierarchy forward and backward (+)
22 13 CHARLOTT Charlotte - fullscreen, textual World Wide Web browser for CMS (+)
23 13 CMSDDR Enhanced DDR program to simulate DDR tapes via CMS files (+)
24 13 COUNTER A CGI script to produce a graphical web page counter (+)
25 13 CPUMF Report on D5 R13 MRPRCMFC CPU Measurement Facility counters. (+)
26 13 CP1STLVL CP exit allowing 2nd-level user to invoke 1st-level commands (+)
27 13 FMTDISK Erase/Format/Scratch disk tracks (+)
28 13 GUIBLD95 Windows 95 GUI Builder for Writing CMS GUI Applications (+)
29 13 HOMUNC Platform for a self-aware operating system. (+)
30 13 LIVE Sample web access to SMAPI functionality (+)
31 13 PIPEDDR Dump/Restore a disk to a file, ftp server, or over TCP/IP to a remote system. Supports compression, digest verification, and secure connections. (+)
32 13 PRFGUI A CMSGUI interface for VMPRF Trend & Summary files Version 1.13 (+)
33 13 REXXCSL Call CSL routine from Rexx program (+)
34 13 RSF Send a FILE/PACKAGE/NOTE to all in REQUESTS file. (+)
35 13 SFL Super Front end to fileList. (+)
36 13 SG245148 Redbook "VM/ESA Network Computing with Java and NetRexx" sample programs (+)
37 13 SHAREDQS Shared CMS Queues over DCSS (+)
38 13 STACKTYP STACKTYP - divert TYPLIN output to stack or discard (+)
39 13 VIR2REAL Compute the Virtual to Real storage (memory) ratio of running users in a VM LPAR. (+)
40 13 WORFAUTH WORF SFS ESM rule database updater (+)