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List of Monthly Favorites (40 total)

Rank Count Name Types Abstract More...
1 23 SG245148 Redbook "VM/ESA Network Computing with Java and NetRexx" sample programs (+)
2 22 LEXX LEXX, The Live Parsing Editor (+)
3 21 HASHWF A General HASH function (S/370 and other systems) (+)
4 21 LXC Run CMS commands from a TCP connected system (V1.4.2) (+)
5 20 GUISET Tailor XEDIT settings via a CMS GUI application (+)
6 20 MAILGATE Package to enable SMTP gateway functions on a pre-VM/ESA 2.3.0 system. (+)
7 19 CMSDDR Enhanced DDR program to simulate DDR tapes via CMS files (+)
8 19 LXCMS Linux access to CMS resources (+)
9 18 CPQUERY CMS GUI exec, issues CP Query commands and manages NSS V4.0.4 (+)
10 18 FIXZMAN CMS program to consolidate a SMAPI zManager NOTEBOOK configuration file (+)
11 18 H2S H2S - Converts HTML to Script/VS (DCF) for fine printing with AFP or PostScript (+)
12 18 TOOLSRUN TOOLSRUN Distributed Master/Shadow Disks and Conference Manager (+)
13 18 VMSERVE A Disconnected Virtual Machine manager for VM that handles reader files, messages and time-of-day events. (+)
14 17 FCXTREND Pruning aid for IBM Performance Toolkit's FCXTREND files (+)
15 17 FILELIST Improvements to FILELIST, RDRLIST and EXECUTE Version 2.4.9a (+)
16 17 GUISKEL A framework to build REXX CMS/GUI applications much easier. V3 (+)
17 17 GUITELL A CMS GUI front-end for TELL Version 1.2b (+)
18 17 PRFVIEW Have a decent view on VMPRF listings: we use CMSGUI Version 2.2 (+)
19 17 REXXIUCV IUCV interface for REXX (+)
20 16 CPHOST CP1STLVL*2: CP exit allowing 2nd-level user to invoke 1st-level cmds V1.4 (+)
21 16 GUIBLD95 Windows 95 GUI Builder for Writing CMS GUI Applications (+)
22 16 INSTPROD Automated install of IBM products for z/VM including Operations Manager, Backup and Restore Manager, Tape Manager, zSecure, and OMEGAMON XE. (+)
23 16 KM This package is a CSL interface to the KMx cipher instructions; with Rexx Pipes stages showing their use. (+)
24 16 LINMON MONWRITE Collector (+)
25 16 PIPEDDR Dump/Restore a disk to a file, ftp server, or over TCP/IP to a remote system. Supports compression, digest verification, and secure connections. (+)
26 16 PRFGUI A CMSGUI interface for VMPRF Trend & Summary files Version 1.13 (+)
27 16 QID "CSO" interface to CallUp phone directories (+)
28 16 R4MON Report on VM66095 EDEV FCP chpid and device records. (+)
29 16 VIR2REAL Compute the Virtual to Real storage (memory) ratio of running users in a VM LPAR. (+)
30 16 VMWEBCD Redbook SG24-5347 "Web-Enabling VM resources" sample programs. (+)
31 15 CHUG Script-driven test tool with HTML output and near-total control of test UserID. (+)
32 15 CMDTABLE Generate files listing all defined CP commands and diagnoses with the privilege classes. (+)
33 15 COLSIMPL COLS insert and COLS delete SIMPLE Xedit macros. (+)
34 15 HOMUNC Platform for a self-aware operating system. (+)
35 15 INHEX Encoder for SMTP Submissions to the VM Download Library (+)
36 15 PF10PF11 PF10 and PF11 XEDIT macros allow to move from left to right, based on the position of the cursor in the delimited area defined by the SET Verify XEDIT command. (+)
37 15 PRFCOPY The most complete "cut&paste" for XEDIT V4.2.f (+)
38 15 PTKTOOLS PTKTOOLS contains some simple PERFKIT related execs + ctl files V1.2 (+)
39 15 VMHP Tools we use to manage the VM home page system. (+)
40 15 VMLOGS Create an automatic managed repository for Consoles and data files. (+)