Last Updated: 16 June 2021

z/VM Security and Integrity Resources

The z/VM virtualization platform has been addressing information security requirements for hosted workloads for decades. IBM first issued its System Integrity Statement for z/VM in 1973, and continues to affirm it in each new release. The statement reads, in part:

IBM has implemented specific design and coding guidelines for maintaining system integrity in the development of z/VM. Procedures have also been established to make the application of these design and coding guidelines a formal part of the design and development process. However, because it is not possible to certify that any system has perfect integrity, IBM will accept APARs [problem reports] that describe exposures to the system integrity of z/VM or that describe problems encountered when a program running in a virtual machine not authorized by a mechanism under the customer's control introduces an exposure to the system integrity of z/VM [...] IBM will continue its efforts to enhance the integrity of z/VM and to respond promptly when exposures are identified.

For more information on z/VM Security, whether it relates to service, certifications, configuration, best practices, or something else, please consult the links at the top of this page. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to Brian Hugenbruch (z/VM Security Development Champion) at