VM Batch Facility
Release 2.2.0
Product Number 5684-137

What is VM Batch Facility? Latest service available

With VM Batch Facility you and your users can make more effective use of your VM system.

The IBM VM Batch Facility is a batch processing and job scheduling program that controls computing tasks that do not require your direct attention. You can put the commands you would enter at the terminal into a CMS REXX exec.

The VM Batch Facility can also schedule jobs for off peak hours to take advantage of computing resources that might not normally be used at those times. [ More ]

Frequently asked Questions

Important information for VMSES/E must be reviewed prior to installing any RSU or SDO tapes in the year 2000.

The following list of VM/Batch PTF's contain ALL available service to VM Batch 2.2.0:

To order these PTFs, enter one order containing all PTFs listed below, specifying 'no requisites' to be included.

[ Comments regarding some PTF's ]

UG03028 9404
UG03241 9407
UG00183 9503
UG00204 9503
UG03810 9512 (new option)
UG00346 9611 (Year 2000)
UG00380 9804 (Year 2000)
UG03892 9808
UG03893 9903
UG03894 9904 (fix to UG00346)
UG03896 9910
UG03953 (fix to UG05491)
VM Batch Facility Publications Contacting VM Batch Facility development

PDFs of the VM Batch Facility publications are available on the z/VM library web site

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Contact by e-mail Colleen Brown and Leslie Geer.

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