VM Batch Facility Service and PTFs

Product Number: 5684-137 Release 2.2.0

Latest Service for VM BATCH 2.2.0

The following list of VM/Batch PTF's contain ALL available service to the product. To order these PTF's, enter an order for each PTF individually and specify 'no requisites' to be included.

PTF........ ESO
UG03028 9404
UG03241 9407
UG00183 9503
UG00204 9503
UG03810 9512
UG00346 9611
UG00380 9804
UG03892 9808
UG03893 9903
UG03896 9910

Comments regarding some PTF's

Contains the changes making VM/Batch enabled for Year 2000 dates (Updated with UG03894 4/99)
Contains the changes making VM/Batch enabled for FULLDATE and ISODATE
Contains the fix to APAR GC05375 that adds a new option to the TASK keyword in the CONTROL FILE. This new option specifies whether the TASK machine 191 disk is over written prior to starting a new job. This over writing destroys all residual data remaining from the previous job. The new option is 'secure y | n' and is specified as follows:
  • FORMAT 1 -TASK-userid-password1-password2-classids-tttt-ttt-secure-
  • FORMAT 2 -TASK-userid-*NOPASS*-password2-classids-tttt-tttt-secure-password3-
Negative impacts that may be experienced with 'y' is the delay in the job starting if the 191 disk is large. This delay is the amount of time it takes to write data over the entire 191 mini-disk.
Contains the fix to APAR GC05491 that corrects an abend when trying to schedule AUTOLOG jobs.