SystemView ® Host Management Facility/VM

NOTE: HMF was withdrawn from marketing Sept 8, 2008
NOTE: HMF ends service April 05, 2010
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What is Host Management Facility/VM? Service Information
SystemView ® Host Management Facilities/VM is an integrated set of VM services that were designed to easier to manage VM systems.

Host Management Facility/VM can actively monitor the status of application service virtual machines (SVMs), and restart SVM's it finds down. HMF/VM can also be used to schedule and automate system events (activities) at specific times or within time frames you specify. [ More ]

The latest service available for Host Management Facility/VM is is ESO 0105 (05/01) Plus APAR VM62939 PTF UM30124 (11/01). This corrects a problem with query suspend.

ESOs are not cumulative. So use a range when ordering. For example (9412 - 0012).

For year 2000, APAR VM61407 (PTF UM28601) is needed to run with DATEFORMATs of ISODATE or FULLDATE.

APAR VM62632 is needed for HMF to run on z/VM.

Who uses Host Management Facility/VM Making support tasks easier

Host Management Facilities users are mainly VM support people: system programmers, performance analysts, and system operators. Additionally, general users may use some of Host Management Facilities' services to schedule their reminders, to-do items, and logons. Giving general users capabilities like SVM autologging helps reduce the work load of the support staff.

Some typical support tasks that can be automated are within three SystemView disciplines: Performance Management, Operations Management, and Problem Management.

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HMF/VM Publications Contacting HMF/VM development
HMF/VM publications are included in the VM Collection on the CD-ROM

HMF/VM R1.1 Bookshelf

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