OpenExtensions for z/VM

If you want to talk online with other OpenExtensions users and with OpenExtensions developers, there are several ways to do so.

VM mailing list

A VM mailing list (called vmesa-l) contains some lively discussions about OpenExtensions for z/VM as well as other VM topics. People who subscribe participate by asking and answering questions. (You receive all the questions, answers, and comments as e-mail.)

To sign up, send email to with just the following line in the body of the note:

   SUBSCRIBE VMESA-L your_first_name your_last_name

Once you are subscribed, you will receive further instructions on how to use the mailing list. OpenExtensions for z/VM developers and other z/VM developers subscribe to and participate in this mailing list.

Direct Line to Development

Send us your comments either through the VM Feedback form