z/VM Downloads

The z/VM Download Library is a clearinghouse or repository for tools, documentation, and other nifty gadgets of interest specifically for VMers. We have set up the library so that both IBMers and non-IBMers can submit content and so that anyone can take content.

Where are the VM downloads?

Any time you download something from a page on this website, you are performing a download from the z/VM Download Library. That said, we've tried to organize the downloads for your convenience:

  • The VM packages page contains a summary of all of the downloads on this website.
  • You might also find items residing on product pages or topic pages. For example, you might find a performance-related download on one of our performance pages.
  • Our developer pages contain downloads contributed by our developers.

How to Download Something

Before you download anything from this library (that is, from this website), you must read the license agreement for downloads. Each package in this library consists of at least one, and potentially all, of the following kinds of downloadable files. Not all packages will have all the pieces.

  • CMS content is in a VMARC archive.
  • PC content is in a ZIP archive.
  • UNIX content is in a TAR archive.

Downloading VMARC Archives

To download a VMARC archive from this website:

  • Click on the package's v,
  • Instruct your browser to save the file to disk
  • Upload the file to CMS in BINARY
  • Run the file through this pipeline (where 'fn' is the name of the file you uploaded):
PIPE < fn VMARC A | fblock 80 00 | > fn VMARC A F 80
  • Unpack the resultant file using VMARC:

To download VMARC itself:
  • Click here and instruct your browser to save the file to disk,
  • Upload the file to CMS in BINARY,
  • Run the file through this pipeline:

We also have a help file for VMARC. To use it, upload and reblock it, just like you would for the module. Note: if you are running VM/ESA 2.2.0 you will need to apply APAR VM61031 in order for VMARC MODULE to work correctly on your system.

Our redistribution of VMARC MODULE and VMARC HELPCMS is permitted by its license.

Other VMARC Unpackers:

We are told that at this website there is a package called VMAGUI, which can unpack a VMARC archive on a Windows or Mac system. Use at your own risk.

Downloading Other Archives

To download other archive types from this library:

  • Click on the type indicator for the desired package, and
  • Instruct your browser to save the file to disk.

How To Contribute Your Tool for Download

Before you consider submitting anything to this library, you should read the license agreement for downloads. This license agreement contains the terms under which people will take your submission from this library; read it carefully. We've tried to write the license in a way that will encourage you to share your own favorite toys with other VMers.

When you're ready to submit something, look to the following pages for specific information and guidance:

For submissions of IBM-written content:
  • Read the submission agreement
  • Follow instructions on how to submit something
For submissions of non-IBM-written content:
  • Read the submission agreement
  • Follow the instructions on how to submit something

We welcome constructive submissions and hope to see your submission soon!