z/VM Virtual Networking

Did you know that you can create virtual LAN segments that connect your z/VM guests together without the need for all those messy point-to-point connections? And that you can do that without creating new subnets?
Did you know you can do away with using a virtual router for your Linux farm and use VSWITCH to provide direct connection to physical LAN segments for all your guests? And you can also design, configure and operate your network using VSWITCH to provide High Availability and Automatic Network failover and/or the failover of an OSA?

Intrigued? Introduce yourself to these powerful technologies provided in z/VM Guest LANs and the z/VM Virtual Switch.

The links on this page are intended to provide helpful information to customers who are using the following types of z/VM virtual networks:

Virtual Switches
HiperSockets Guest LANs.

For an overview of this support, see the latest z/VM library for

Connectivity (SC24-6174), Part 2 "Planning Virtual Networks"

Service Information and Enhancements

Virtual Switch and Guest LAN CP Maintenance Levels
Virtual Switch Controller TCP/IP Maintenance Levels
Virtual Networking Release Enhancements
Virtual Networking Link Aggregation.

Additional Resources