z/VM Virtual Networking Hints and Tips - 9672

  • z/VM Virtual Switch support on 9672

    IEEE 802.1Q Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) are not supported by the OSA-Express microcode on the 9672 (Driver 26). This means VLAN tagged frames will not be forwarded by this OSA-Express adapter.

    The Virtual Switch in this environment can support only the transport of untagged frames. Do not configure VLAN authorization for guests coupled to the virtual switch. The port on the real switch connected to the OSA-Express must be configured as an ACCESS or an UNTAGGED port. This configuration makes sure that only untagged frames will be exchanged between the real LAN environment and the z/VM virtual switch.

    To support Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) in the Virtual Switch environment, OSA-Express Ethernet features available on IBM zSeries servers (DRV3G with MCL (J11204.022) or later) must be used and running in QDIO mode.

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