Non-IBM Solution Developer Products that run on z/VM Version 7 Release 1.0

The following table lists non-IBM Solution Developer (ISV) products that are supported on z/VM Version 7 Release 1.0. It is arranged alphabetically according to ISV name. This information has been provided by the ISVs and should be verified with them prior to use. Additional products from other ISVs may also be supported on z/VM. You should check with specific ISVs for information on their products.

z/VM Vendors, we will add your VM-related products and a link to your product if you request it. Please fill out the form and in the the 'message' section request to be added to the VM Vendor Product Page.

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Created: July 26, 2013
Last update: August 2018
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Solution Developer Name Product Name & Release(s)
BMC Software Universal Information Exchange/VM (UIE/VM) (Part of BMC Capacity Management for Mainframes)
Mainview for Linux - Servers 1.5.00
CA Technolgies, Inc. Please refer to the CA z/VM Compatibility Matrix
Innovation Data Processing FDRPASVM 5.4/80
Merrill Consultant's MXG Software Product MXG 36.06
Velocity Software zVPS 4.2
zTUNE 4.2
zPRO 4.2
zMON 4.2
zMAP 4.2
zTCP 4.2
zVWS 4.2
Virtual Software Systems, Inc. VPARS 55
ShadowDisk/Z 55