z/VM CPU Measurement Facility Data Collection Program


In order to improve the performance of future z/VM releases and the processors on which they run, IBM is asking interested customers to gather and submit data from the CPU Measurement Facility on their z/VM production systems. Collecting this type of data will help IBM identify workload characteristics that, in turn, will provide input for capacity and performance planning.

As of January 2012, data from over 20 z/VM systems has been submitted to IBM under this program.

Collected Data

z/VM can collect and log the System z CPU Measurement Facility host counters. These counters record the performance experience of the System z CEC on such metrics as instructions run, clock cycles used, and cache misses experienced. Analyzing the counters provides a view of the performance of the System z CPU and of the success of the memory cache in keeping the CPU from having to wait for memory fetches. The counters record other CPU-specific phenomena also. These counters are provided on System z10 and later machines.

The section "On the CPU Measurement Facility Host Counters" in the z/VM 6.2 Performance Report provides more details on this facility and how to enable it to begin collecting data.

Supported z/VM Releases

This facility is available on z/VM 5.4 with APAR VM64961 applied and on all later releases of z/VM.

How to Participate

For the opportunity to ensure your data is used to influence future plans, please contact Richard Lewis, IBM Advanced Technical Support, at rflewis@us.ibm.com. IBM is collecting data from customer production z/VM systems that are running on System z10 or zEnterprise 196 or 114.

Statement on Confidentiality

By choosing to send data to IBM, you acknowledge that all information contained in your data, including source, object code, binaries, executables, comments, questions, suggestions, or the like, shall be deemed to be non-confidential. IBM shall be free to use, disclose, and distribute the information within IBM without limitation for the purpose of rendering the services contracted for between you and IBM. Further, IBM shall be free to use in its business activities any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such information which are retained in the memories of IBM employees who have had access to the information in connection with supporting its products and services. These terms and conditions are in addition to those contained in other agreements in place between you and IBM.