RSU Plans

We receive many inquiries about the timing of the "next RSU". As a result, we are providing information here about potential RSU deliveries.

Because schedules may change for various reasons, we might need to deliver something sooner or later than anticipated.

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When ordering an RSU, be aware that you will also receive a link to the RSU PSP Bucket. This PSP Bucket has fix items, including PE resolutions, that normally would be included as part of an RSU. However, some of those items pull significant new function updates (for example, APAR VM66173 -- Four Terabyte Main Memory Support) that have not met the z/VM development organization's criteria for RSU content (although these updates likely have been identified as candidates for a subsequent RSU).

It is advised that you verify the PSP Bucket sent with your RSU order, and download and install it only if you want the new function APARS applied to your system.

z/VM RSU Planned and Actual Delivery Dates (mm/dd/yyyy)
z/VM Release RSU Level RSU
2023 Plans
7.3.0 7303RSU 3Q2023
7.2.0 7205RSU 2Q2023
7.3.0 7302RSU 1Q2023
2022 Plans
7.1.0 7106RSU 12/13/2022 Last RSU prior to end of service
7.3.0 7301RSU 09/16/2022 7.3.0 GA RSU
7.2.0 7204RSU 03/29/2022
7.2.0 7203RSU 10/04/2021
7.1.0 7105RSU 07/01/2021
7.2.0 7202RSU 03/31/2021
6.4.0 6407RSU 12/16/2020 Last RSU prior to end of service
7.2.0 7201RSU 09/18/2020 7.2.0 GA RSU
7.1.0 7104RSU 01/23/2020
7.1.0 7103RSU 09/27/2019
6.4.0 6406RSU 06/27/2019
7.1.0 7102RSU 03/29/2019
6.4.0 6405RSU 12/14/2018
6.4.0 6404RSU 04/24/2018
6.4.0 6403RSU 11/28/2017
6.3.0 6308RSU 08/25/2017 Last RSU prior to end of service
6.4.0 6402RSU 04/25/2017
6.3.0 6307RSU 12/02/2016
6.3.0 6306RSU 03/30/2016
6.2.0 6207RSU 12/21/2015 Last RSU prior to end of service
6.3.0 6305RSU 09/22/2015
5.4.0 5415RSU 06/12/2015 Last RSU prior to end of service

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Disclaimer All statements regarding IBM's future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice, and represent goals and objectives only. Target dates shared here are not formal commitments, but meant to assist in your planning purposes. Because of the likelihood of changes, we highly recommend subscribing to the notifications for this page.