Performance Toolkit for VM Feature

Performance Toolkit for VM provides enhanced capabilities for a z/VM systems programmer, system operator, or performance analyst to monitor and report performance data. Offered as a priced optional feature of z/VM, Performance Toolkit for VM is derived from the FCON/ESA program (5788-LGA), which was not available in some countries.

See the required service in order to run z/VM and Performance Toolkit on the new zEnterprise System (07-2010)

VM Performance Toolkit functions
The functions provided by Performance Toolkit for VM include:

  • Operation of the system operator console in full-screen mode
  • Management of multiple z/VM systems (local or remote)
  • Post-processing of Performance Toolkit for VM history files and VM monitor data captured by the MONWRITE utility
  • Viewing of performance monitor data using either Web browsers or PC-based 3270 emulator graphics
  • TCP/IP performance reporting
Performance Toolkit for VM can process Linux performance data obtained from the Resource Management Facility (RMFTM) Linux performance gatherer, rmfpms. z/VM Performance Toolkit support for rmfpms has been stabilized and may cease to function as the underlying Linux systems evolve. Support for the Linux rmfpms agent has been withdrawn and no new copies of it are available for installation. If you have rmfpms installed on an existing Linux image, it should continue to run on that image unsupported. There is no guarantee a current rmfpms installation will run on future Linux image installs.

IBM introduced Performance Toolkit for VM TM in the announcement of z/VM V4.4 to provide a variety of reports on system performance. Use the Performance Toolkit to reduce data from the z/VM monitor and produce reports and history files. The product has been enhanced and improved in subsequent releases. To see a list of changes made in each level of Performance Toolkit, refer to the function level entries in Quick Links section on this page.

Getting started

Get started with Performance Toolkit for VM with this Redbook:
Linux on IBM eserver zSeries and S/390: Performance Toolkit for VM

If you will be supporting Linux instances on z/VM, consider attending one of the new course offerings from IBM Learning Services.

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