Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem (DFSMS)

Product Number: 5706-116 FL 221

DFSMS/VM FL 221 is a feature of z/VM designed to manage files in Shared File System (SFS) file pools, help to move CMS minidisks between like and unlike direct access storage devices (DASD), provide command and Callable Services Library (CSL) interface to removable media library support. [ More ]

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DFSMS/VM News General Information

View the Functional Components

View DFSMS white papers / red books.

View the Year 2000 Enhancements.

View important VMSES/E information prior to installing RSU or SDO tapes.

Having trouble doing a DFSMS MOVE? View DirMaint 1.5.0 Requirements.

View the LIBRCMS Documentation or obtain the LIBRCMS Package (Download instructions).

Problem records can be created and DFSMS service can be ordered online

Status of PTF orders can be obtained online.

DFSMS service can automatically be received using IBM Shopz
- "Ordering Service"

DFSMS/VM Documentation Contacting DFSMS Development

z/VM 7.3 publication library

September 2022 Program Directory available with z/VM V7.3.

September 2020 Program Directory available with z/VM V7.2.

March 2021 Program Directory available with z/VM V7.1.

November 2016 Program Directory available with z/VM V6.4.

February 2014 Program Directory available with z/VM V6.2 and V6.3.

November 2008 Program Directory available with z/VM V5.4.

Installation and servicing directions in the program directory supercede the instructions found in the following chapters of the DFSMS/VM FL 221 Installation and Customization

  • Introduction
  • Preparing for Installation of DFSMS/VM
  • Installing DFSMS/VM
  • Servicing DFSMS/VM

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