LPAR Entitlement Calculator

Here is a tool you can use to do what-if calculations as regards the configuration of the LPARs on your CPC.

In the form below, type in the names, core counts, weights, and polarities of your LPARs. Then click the "Calculate" button. We will calculate the entitlements and the counts of VHs, VMs or HZs, and VLs.

Do this for one specific type of core: CP, IFL, whatever. If your CPC has cores of multiple types, do a what-if calculation for each type.


  • Under Shared physical cores, type in the number of physical cores your CPC has, deducting for any dedicated LPARs you might have. For example, if you have 15 physical IFL cores and you have two dedicated LPARs configured with 7 IFL cores altogether, your number of shared physical cores is 15-7 = 8.
  • In the LPARs table,
    • Under Cores, type in the number of processors you requested in the LPAR's activation profile. (Yes, the SE/HMC tab says "Processors", but you are really requesting cores.)
    • Under Weight, type in the weight you requested for those processors.
    • Under Polarity, select either Vertical or Horizontal, depending upon how you plan to run the LPAR.
  • When you have finished typing, click Calculate.

We keep no record of what you submit here.

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