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Summary of Key Findings

This section summarizes key z/VM 7.2 performance items and contains links that take the reader to more detailed information about each one.

Further, the Performance Improvements article gives information about other performance enhancements in z/VM 7.2.

For descriptions of other performance-related changes, see the z/VM 7.2 Performance Considerations and Performance Management sections.

Regression Performance

To compare the performance of z/VM 7.2 to the performance of previous releases, IBM ran a variety of workloads on the two systems. For the base case, IBM used z/VM 7.1 plus all Control Program (CP) PTFs available as of September 26, 2019. For the comparison case, IBM used z/VM 7.2 at the internal May 7, 2020 level. The runs were done on z15.

Regression measurements comparing these two z/VM levels showed z/VM 7.2 parity compared to z/VM 7.1. ETRR had mean 1.005 and standard deviation 0.031. ITRR had mean 1.000 and standard deviation 0.017.

Key Performance Improvements

z/VM 7.2 is mostly a roll-up of new-function APARs and service APARs that have been released for z/VM 7.1 over the past couple of years. Thus there are no "key performance improvements" in z/VM 7.2 per se.

In our z/VM 7.2 improvements chapter we discuss what has happened on the performance front since z/VM 7.1.

In our z/VM 7.2 considerations chapter we discuss changes in default settings we feel will bring customers an improved experience.

Other Functional Enhancements

Beyond work done for performance, to read about enhancements delivered as new-function APARs, see the z/VM new function page.

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