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Performance Management

These changes in z/VM 7.2 affect the performance management of z/VM:

  • Monitor Changes
  • Command or Output Changes
  • Effects on Accounting Data
  • Performance Toolkit for VM Changes
  • Omegamon XE Changes

Monitor Changes

Several z/VM 7.2 enhancements affect CP monitor data. The changes are described below. The detailed monitor record layouts are found on the control blocks page.

Beyond z/VM 6.3 IBM made several improvements to the paging subsystem, including exploiting High Performance FICON and exploiting HyperPAV aliases. For compatibility and fallback, the new support also implemented an IPL parameter, PAGING63, which let the customer use the z/VM-6.3-GA level of the paging subsystem. IBM has since found no clients using PAGING63 and so in the interest of simplifying the paging subsystem IBM has removed the PAGING63 IPL parameter and the old code it activated.

The following monitor records have been updated to deprecate fields related to the PAGING63 IPL parameter.

Monitor Record Record Name
Domain 1 Record 4 System Configuration Data
Domain 1 Record 7 Memory Configuration Data
Domain 3 Record 1 Real Storage Management (Global)

xDisk Scalability improves the algorithm used for handling distributed lock contention in a z/VM SSI cluster. The new algorithm prevents one cluster member from "starving" the rest of the cluster members when a user on said member causes a lot of cross-system disk locking, for example, by issuing excessive LINK or DETACH commands.

The following monitor records have been updated for this support:

Monitor Record Record Name
Domain 1 Record 4 System Configuration Data
Domain 11 Record 6 XDISK Serialization Sample
Domain 11 Record 7 XDISK Activity

To provide additional debug information for system and performance problems, z/VM 7.2 updated some monitor records.

The following monitor record has been updated for this support:

Monitor Record Record Name
Domain 6 Record 39 EDEVICE CHPID Activity

Command or Output Changes

This section cites new or changed commands or command outputs that are relevant to the task of performance management. It is not an inventory of every new or changed command.

The section does not give syntax diagrams, sample command outputs, or the like. Current copies of z/VM publications can be found in the online library.

VM66219, Vswitch Priority Queueing
  • DEFINE VSWITCH adds options
  • SET VSWITCH adds options
  • QUERY VSWITCH adds output
PH18435, TLS Certificate Verification
  • SMSG to the FTP or SMTP server has new capability
PI99085, TCP/IP OSA Express7S
  • NETSTAT OSAINFO DETAILS has new output
PI99184, TCP/IP Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • SSLADMIN QUERY SESSIONS has new output
  • NETSTAT IDENTIFY SSL has new output
  • DEFINE HYPERPAVALIAS has additional syntax
  • DEFINE PAVALIAS has additional syntax
VM66266, Dynamic Crypto
  • DEFINE CRYPTO is new
  • VARY ON CRYPTO is new
  • VARY OFF CRYPTO is new
  • ATTACH CRYPTO is new
  • DETACH CRYPTO is new
  • QUERY CRYPTO DOMAINS has new output
  • QUERY VIRTUAL CRYPTO has new output
VM66288, Fast Minidisk Erase
  • CPFMTXA has additional syntax
VM65786, Remove Respool Limit
  • No effect on commands or command outputs
VM66248, z15 and LinuxONE III
  • SET SVC76 has new function
  • QUERY CRYPTO has new output
  • QUERY VIRTUAL CRYPTO has new output
  • QUERY FCP adds syntax and adds output
  • QUERY PATH adds output
VM66263, Extended Address Volumes
  • ATTACH has new capability
  • CPACCESS has new capability
  • CPFMTXA has new capability
  • DEFINE MDISK has new capability
VM66265, Eighty Logical Processors
  • QUERY PROCESSORS has new output
  • VARY CORE has new capability
  • VARY PROCESSOR has new capability
  • TRACERED has new capability
  • SET TRACEFRAMES has new implications
  • DEDICATE is removed
  • UNDEDICATE is removed
  • SET SHARE has new responses
  • QUERY SHARE has new responses
  • DEFINE CPU has removed responses
  • QUERY VIRTUAL CPUS has removed responses
  • VMRELOCATE MOVE has removed responses
  • SET SRM POLARIZATION has removed responses
  • SET SRM CPUPAD has changed responses
  • QUERY SRM has changed responses
  • INDICATE LOAD has revised explanations
  • INDICATE USER has revised explanations
VM66283, System Recovery Boost
  • No new or changed commands or responses.

Effects on Accounting Data

z/VM 7.2 did not change accounting.

Performance Toolkit for VM Changes

Performance Toolkit for VM has been enhanced since z/VM 7.1. For more information, visit the Perfkit pages.

Omegamon XE Changes

OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux now supports RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.5 and 8 and Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS.

To avoid confusion with data collected by the OMEGAMON monitoring agent for z/OS, OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux added a new table for storing historical spinlock data.

Support for hexadecimal processor ID values has also been added.

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