VM Performance Products from IBM

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These are the IBM performance features and/or priced programs for z/VM followed by their descriptions:

Performance Toolkit for VM provides enhanced capabilities for a z/VM systems programmer, operator, or performance analyst to monitor and report performance data. The toolkit is an optional, per-engine-priced feature derived from the FCON/ESA program (5788-LGA), providing:

  • full-screen mode system console operation and management of multiple z/VM systems.
  • post-processing of Performance Toolkit for VM history files and of VM monitor data captured by the MONWRITE utility
  • viewing of performance monitor data using either Web browsers or PC-based 3270 emulator graphics
  • TCP/IP performance reporting
  • process Linux performance data obtained from the Resource Management Facility (RMFTM) Linux performance gatherer, rmfpms, and can be viewed and printed similarly to the way VM data is presented.
IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux provides a wide range of information about the z/VM operating system, its resources and workloads. Information on Linux instances running as z/VM guests and the Linux workloads reveal how these instances and workloads on Linux are performing and impacting z/VM and each other.

IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux utilizes the data collection from the Performance Toolkit for VM FL520 (PTK is a prerequisite) and complements it with data collection by the ITM Linux for zSeries agent. The Performance Tool Kit is the foundation for gathering z/VM metrics; it has proven to be rich in information and provides the ideal base for z/VM data input to OMEGAMON XE on z/VM Linux. The Linux agent has been the basis for monitoring Linux on all platforms. OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux takes advantage of the Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) and allows for all of the Tivoli Enterprise Portal alerting, action and integration capabilities to be utilized.

  • Identify, isolate and correct problems across z/VM and Linux instances quickly and easily
  • Optimize the z/VM Linux environment
  • View and monitor workloads for virtual machines, groups, response times and LPAR reporting
  • Use historical report for trending analysis
  • Reports on z/VM and Linux usage of resources such as CPU utilization, storage, mini-disks, and TCP/IP
  • Leverage a single point of control for managing z/VM and its Linux instances

These performance products are no longer part of z/VM Version 5.

The Performance Toolkit for VM feature is considered to be a program update for the RealTime Monitor (RTM) and/or the Performance Reporting Facility (PRF) features of z/VM V4 as defined in the IBM International Agreement for Acquisition of Support, Z125-6011. Therefore, any existing z/VM V4 customer who has purchased a Subscription & Support (S&S) license for the RTM or PRF feature is entitled to receive a no-charge upgrade for the Performance Toolkit for VM feature when ordering z/VM V5.3.

RealTime Monitor (RTM), a per-engine-priced feature of z/VM V4 lets you can obtain an immediate view of current z/VM system performance. Use RTM for short-term monitoring, analysis and problem solving. RTM can simplify performance analysis and the installation management of z/VM environments.

Performance Reporting Facility (PRF) is an optional, per-engine priced feature of z/VM V4 that simplifies performance analysis and resource management on your z/VM system. It analyzes your system's monitor data and produces performance reports and history files, including:

  • System resource utilization, transaction response time, and throughput
  • Resource utilization by user
  • DASD activity and channel utilization

Performance Analysis Facility/VM (VMPAF) is a separately orderable licensed program product for z/VM that is used to statistically correlate and chart system performance problems, tuning information, and trend analysis. VMPAF does this by analyzing the relationships between variables from PRF, monitor and other data sources to determine which subsystems are most affecting current system performance. Using interactive graphics, VMPAF gives you a quick, clear picture of these relationships.
Note: VMPAF cannot be licensed for IFL processor features.

FCON/ESA provides performance monitoring capabilities with system console operation in full screen mode. FCON/ESA can provide an immediate view of system performance or post process its own history files or VM/ESA monitor data for selected data. Threshold monitoring and user loop detection is provided. FCON/ESA also has the ability to monitor remote systems. Additional information is contained in a PDF file and this presentation.

FCON/ESA was withdrawn from marketing for all releases of VM/ESA and z/VM at the availability of the Performance Toolkit for VM feature on z/VM V4.4 on August 15, 2003.

Some of the notices and Statements of Direction announced with z/VM V4.4

  • It is planned that future performance management enhancements will be made primarily to the Performance Toolkit for VM. z/VM V4.4 is planned to be the last release in which the RTM and PRF features will be available. Both the RTM and PRF features are planned to be withdrawn from marketing in a future z/VM release.
  • FCON/ESA is planned to be withdrawn from marketing for all releases of VM/ESA and z/VM at the availability of the Performance Toolkit for VM feature on z/VM V4.4.
  • For additional details and statements of direction, see the z/VM V4.4 announcement letter for your region.

All statements regarding IBM's plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice. Any reliance on this Statement of Direction is at the relying party's sole risk and will not create any liability or obligation for IBM