Last Updated: 7 October 2020

Anonymous FTP to is no longer allowed as of October 5, 2020

As of October 5, 2020,, the FTP site to which customers have been anonymously FTPing files from their z/VM systems to IBM for years, no longer allows anonymous FTP. All FTPs, either to testcase or to ECuRep, must now be done via secure FTP. ECuRep had previously disallowed anonymous FTP.

Customers will likely have to do some z/VM-specific steps to configure their system to enable secure FTP. Customers who previously did anonymous FTPs to testcase are strongly urged to setup their systems and run a quick test to make sure that they can establish a secure FTP session. Just establishing and logging into the session is sufficient, you don't actually have to FTP any files.

Below are the instructions. You will start seeing a version of these same instructions in your z/VM cases. If you have comments on the instructions, please send them to me off-list at

Thank you,
Tim Reynolds, z/VM CP L2 Support

Instructions for securely FTPing your z/VM files, such as dump files, to z/VM Service:

  1. Pack each of your files with the PACK option of the CMS COPYFILE command.
  2. If this is your first time doing secure FTP from your z/VM system, you must perform the instructions on this page to configure your system:
  3. Go to this page for the FTP instructions:

Some tips about the FTP instructions page:

  • In the Upload (toibm) directories section, the directory to use is: toibm/vm
  • In your FTP session, issue the command BIN F 1024 to make sure files are transmitted in the proper binary format
  • The filename of each file you transfer MUST begin with the case number. Example: Your case number is TS002528918, and you are FTPing a file called HTT001 MDMP0001 A. Your FTP command to PUT that file would be 'PUT HTT001.MDMP0001.A TS002528918.HTT001.MDMP0001' (Note the "dot" after the case number).