What is MQSeries Client for VM ?

MQSeries products enable applications using message queuing to communicate across different platforms via client-server technology. MQseries for VM is a client that runs on VM's CMS component. Because it is a client and not a full-function queue manager, the VM client will need to be connected to one of these queue managers:
  • AIX
  • OS/2
  • Unix
  • Windows NT

VM Requirements for MQSeries Client?

  1. VM/ESA Version 2 Release 4.0, or later
  2. LE/370 Release 1.8
  3. C for VM Release 3.1 or compatible product
  4. TCP/IP feature included with VM/ESA V2 R4, or later or VTAM

Application Language Bindings Supported

The programming language Bindings are:
  • IBM C for VM Release 3.1
  • IBM VS Cobol II
  • IBM OS PL/I Release 2.3
  • IBM Assembler

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