CP Monitor and MONWRITE... Some Resources

Did IBM Level 2 tell you to set up MONWRITE and collect some data? Here are some pointers to places to read more about it.

Web page Description
Bill Bitner's MONWRITE data collection tips Good "cheat sheet" of how to set up MONWRITE, followed by some explanation of the reasons behind the steps.
Brian Wade's LINMON automated MONWRITE collector Describes a canned MONWRITE collector you install and set up. Once you install and autolog it, the collector gathers MONWRITE data in a fashion generally useful to IBM in working PMRs.
Brian Wade's very simple MONWRITE instructions Instructions for MONWRITE distilled to their very essence.
A Second MONWRITE How to collect MONWRITE data without interfering with the CP-Monitor-related things already happening on your system.
The MONWRITE Offer Brian Wade's offer to validate your processes for collecting and transmitting MONWRITE data. This is a great thing to practice before you find yourself in a PMR.
IBM wants your MONWRITE data We need MONWRITE data from healthy systems, so as to see how customers tend to use z/VM. If you would like to contribute, follow these instructions.
How to send us MONWRITE data Instructions for sending us your MONWRITE data.
Moving MONWRITE files around the network Tips and tricks for making sure your MONWRITE data moves safely.