Steve Shultz's Developer Page

A bit about me:
Since 1981, I have worked in various areas of 370/390/z software development, beginning in the CP area of VM/SP, VM/ESA, z/VM and later working in CMS, OS/390, z/OS, and designing ways for Linux on zSeries to exploit z/VM. Outside of work you can find me on the basketball court - playing or coaching, following my favorite sports teams, or even hiking a mountain or two in the Adirondacks.

VM-related items:
I am team leader of the z/VM and Linux handshaking team that looks for ways to enhance the experience of running Linux as a guest of z/VM.

In case you are interested, the z/VM FTP server uses a special diagnose in order to support file transfer to and from the HMC removable media. This diagnose is not for customer use and has only been tested as used by the z/VM FTP server. The diagnose is described in the following document: Diag X'2C4' doc


Here are some things that you can download for which I'm at least partially responsible. Keep these points in mind:

If you use any of these, I'd love to hear from you at Steve Shultz, IBM!

Anyway, the packages are:

Package Description More...
SCKSMAPI Socket access to SMAPI functions (updated 02/22/06) (+)
LIVE Code Sample web access to SMAPI functionality (updated 11/02/05) (+)
LIVE Documentation LIVE User and Code Guides (+)
DYNAMO Code Linux DCSS Management Tool (updated 03/01/06) (+)
DYNAMO Documentation DYNAMO User Guide (updated 03/01/06) (+)
SHAREDQS Shared CMS Queues over DCSS (updated 6/5/08) (+)
XPIPES Cross-machine pipelines (updated 8/8/06) (+)
SCKXPIPE Socket access to cross-machine pipelines (updated 8/25/06) (+)
LXCMS linux application Linux access to CMS resources (+)
LXCMS CMS application Linux access to CMS resources (+)
LXCMS documentation LXCMS User Guide (+)