VM Developer Page for Miguel Delapaz

A bit about Miguel:
I received my bachelor's of science in computer science from Ithaca College in May of 2001. Shortly thereafter, I began my career with IBM in z/VM TCP/IP development, where I have been ever since.

VM-related items:
Throughout my time in z/VM TCP/IP, I have had the opportunity to work on many different aspects of the system. Some of the major features I've worked on include: MPROUTE, ROUTED, NETSTAT, IFCONFIG & IPWIZARD. The VM and TCP/IP community "hang out" on the VM Listerv discussion and so we often talk about TCP/IP topics there. In 2002, I began giving technical presentations at the SHARE and WAVV user groups and at the System z Technical Conferences in Europe and at the System z Expo in the United States.

Here are some of the sessions I have presented at conferences and user group meetings:

This photo was taken in Philadelphia upon return from the May 2004 zSeries Technical Conference in Noordwijk, NL.

photo of Miguel Delapaz