Mary Ellen Carollo's Home Page

Note: Although Mary Ellen Carollo is no longer working at IBM, this page will be preserved, since there are important links listed on it.

Current Responsibilities

My primary responsibilities are in the area of z/VM virtual networking, including connectivity support for SSI. In the past I worked on providing SNMP support for the z/VM virtual switch. I also worked on the team providing a Network File System (NFS) Client and NFS server support which allows clients from other platforms to access BFS, SFS, and minidisk data. I continue to support the minidisk file system, the Shared File System (SFS) and the Byte File System (BFS).


  • 1982 to today: VM designer and developer

    I have worked on many VM projects, including SSI, the virtual switch controller, general TCP/IP development, NFS client development, NFS server development, BFS development, Coordinated Resource Recovery (CRR) development, SFS development, and Group Control System (GCS) design.

  • 1979 to 1982: Airlines Control Program (ACP) developer

    This operating system is now known as Transaction Processing Facility (TPF).

  • 1977 to 1979: Application developer

    This project was my introduction to IBM. It was intended to replace AAS, an internal IBM order entry application. Since AAS exists today you may have guessed that this project never saw the light of day, but I learned a great deal about IBM and about life while working there.

  • 1973 to 1977: St. Bonaventure University student

    St. Bonaventure University resides on a beautiful campus in the foothills of the Allegany Mountains in southwestern New York State.

    During my summer vacations, I developed my typing skills working on the Chautauqua Institution's daily newspaper.

  • Prior to 1977: Dumb kid

    I grew up in Westfield NY, famous as the home town of Grace Bedell, the little girl who told Lincoln to grow a beard. It is the original home town of Natalie Merchant (formerly of 10,000 Maniacs), past home of Welch's Grape Juice headquarters and home town to Melissa Carlson, another VMer.