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Last Updated: 17 October 2017

Remember when homepages were a thing?

... yeah, me neither.

This small developer page serves as a catch-all for nerdery related to z/VM Security -- which, at current, writing, involves everything from virtualization of hardware cryptography, RACF access controls and security policities, notes on certifications, application security, TLS, LDAP, and unspeakable things related to cloud security and REST APIs.

Contacting Brian

Feel free to ping me on any technical topic, be it related to any of the above or a tangentially related area. I'm also willing to discuss non-work topics (see 'About') as time permits.

  • E-mail: bwhugen <at> us <dot> ibm <dot> com.
    - the old way is the good way. Use this for a formal response.
  • Twitter: @Bwhugen
    - because sometimes, you have really short questions. Use this for the fastest response.
  • LinkedIn: Brian Hugenbruch
    - note, I only check this once a month or so. Use this if you're not in a hurry.
  • Phone: I'd advise against this. While I have a desk and an office, it's for decorative purposes only. I spend more time in meetings and at conferences, or working in a Design Thinking space.
  • Facebook: please don't.

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