Here are some of my favorite fractal creations. All of these are iterated function systems; they have been scaled for display using a technique I invented, and then displayed using Senile Depth First Search, which I also invented. Senile Depth First Search is a great deal faster than the Random Iteration Method used by many fractal display programs.

[Sort of looks like a comet -- 7345 bytes] Stylized Halley's Comet

I created the comet accidentally while trying to model gravitational interaction of galaxies using fractals. I started out with two fractal galaxies shaped like octogons, and a bug in the simulation caused one galaxy to get smeared into this shape. This IFS has eight mappings.

[Another comet version -- 34.4 kbytes] Same fractal, but reflected and rendered with my improved algorithm.

[A 3-leaf clover -- 7724 bytes] Happy St. Patrick's Day!

To celebrate March 17th one year I tried to figure out some mappings that would come out looking like a shamrock. I never could figure out how to add a curved stem! This IFS has seven mappings. The seventh, adding the minature blue shamrock at the end of the top leaf, is optional.

[Another clover version -- 34.7 kbytes] Same fractal, but rendered with my improved algorithm.

[A colorful spiral -- 11076 bytes] Hurricane Doris

This one looks to me kind of like a satellite picture of a hurricane. Lots of people tell me it looks to them like a picture of a spiral galaxy. I like to hear that, since that is actually what I set out to make. This IFS has seven mappings.

[A spiral that looks a bit 3-D -- 7071 bytes] Spiral

This is my number one favorite. I produced it shortly before coming up with Hurricane Doris above, during my quest for a fractal galaxy. This IFS has nine mappings.

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