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Updated: 12 Oct 2010

Thank you for visiting the z/VM Site and my developer page.

I began working in I/O development for z/VM full time in 2003, after completing my Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science from Susquehanna University. Recently I have started presenting I/O topics at conferences and user groups, and will keep up-to-date copies of those presentations here. It has been a pleasure to meet with some of our customers, and I look forward to meeting more of you in coming years.

The presentations below are available in PDF format. Presentations are often updated between conferences, and only the most recent (and therefore most current) presentation is available. If you have a particular need for an older edition, please contact me directly.

    IBM System z Technical University (Berlin, Germany), May 21-25, 2012:
  • z/VM Parallel Access Volumes (PAV) and HyperPAV Support PDF file
    This presentation contains an overview of Parallel Access Volumes (PAVs) and Hyper Parallel Access Volumes (HyperPAVs), z/VM's support of these devices as minidisks for guest operating systems, such as z/OS, that exploit the PAV architecture, as well as potential benefits for those guests that do not exploit PAVs themselves, such as CMS.
  • What's New in z/VM I/O Support? PDF file
    Support is continually added to z/VM outside of the regular release stream. Here we will discuss some of the highlights of this support, in order to present useful features that may not otherwise receive much attention (via announcements or standalone presentations, for example).
  • Using z/VM in a SCSI Environment PDF file
    Provides an overview of z/VM's native support for SCSI disks, and how they can be used to install, IPL, and run your z/VM system in a SCSI-only environment.
  • z/VM Device Support Overview PDF file
    An overview of existing levels of device support in z/VM Version 6.

    The presentations listed below have been presented at previous IBM conferences or z/VM and Linux user groups, but have been "retired" from current practice.
  • z/VM and Tape Encryption PDF file
    The IBM System Storage TS1120 and TS1130 tape drives are now capable of encrypting tapes as it writes them. This presentation provides a high-level overview on how the solution works, and how to utilize the tape encryption support available on z/VM. (Last presented at IBM System z Technical University in Boston, Massachusetts, October 4-8, 2010.)
  • Introduction to the IBM System Storage DS6000 PDF file
    Provides information regarding the IBM System Storage DS6000 series, which is an affordable storage solution specifically designed to help medium and large enterprises simplify their storage infrastructures, support business continuity, and optimize information life cycle management. (Last presented at IBM System z Expo in Orlando, Florida, October 5-9, 2009.)
  • z/VM Device Support Overview PDF file
    An overview of existing levels of device support in z/VM Version 5, including some highlights regarding what is new in Version 5 Release 3.0. (Last presented at IBM System z Expo in Dresden, Germany, May 5-9 2008.)

Mr. Steve Wilkins initially crafted and honed many of these presentations originally, prior to what you see here.

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