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Welcome to my home page.

I have spent my whole IBM career in VM/CMS development and test and have involved in development in many areas of CMS as well as in System Test of VM.

History at IBM

  • Summer 1987: Pre-professional summer job in VM System Test area.
  • 1988-2001: VM Development

    • Started in SFS Server development

      One item I worked on was:

      • development in the Server for the Coordinated Resource Recovery project particularly in the Resynchronization portion

    • I took over many of the File System user commands and CSL routines. (i.e. Listfile command, DMSEXIST CSL routine etc.)

      One item I worked on was:

      • updates to Listfile, Filelist, Exist and Get Directory routines so that migrated files, empty files and external objects were handled.

    • This lead to ownership of some of the Productivity Aids items. (i.e. Filelist, Rdrlist etc.).

      One item I worked on was:

      • updates to Filelist to handle mixed case file IDs. (A long time customer complaint.)

      I currently own all of the Productivity Aids items.

    • I developed the VMLINK command for CMS, importing the internal tool from NATVM as the starting base.

    • I was part of the VM/GUI team helping in the development of the CMS Desktop and it's applications. (GUI project)

    • I led a team that is developed VM/ESA support for the IBM Network Station.
  • 2002-present: VM System Test

    • My main focus is on testing Linux systems when running as guests under VM.

    • I am responsible for testing the System Management API area.

    • I also test the Secure Socket Layer Server that VM provides as well as the TCP/IP servers and clients that use it.



    I grew up in the Southern Tier and attended Johnson City High School. I graduated in 1984 and stayed in town for my college education.

    I have two sisters Sharon and Lori. Sharon lives in Binghamton with her husband John they have two daughters Stephanie and Julie.. They are both now grown, married and each have one son. Lori lives in Rome, NY with her husband Bill they have one daughter Christina who is alos married with two daughters.

    My mom still lives in Johnson City in the home that I grew up in.

    I also live in Johnson City, in my own home, but not too far from Mom.

    Here is a picture of my cat Mazie:


    I enjoy sports. I played softball, basketball and soccer in high school and continued softball at SUNY Binghamton. Here is my team.

    Softball and soccer are the two sports I enjoyed most but I had to retire from these a couple of years ago due to knee surgery. I turned to golf which I also enjoy and it is much easier on the knees.