z/VM 4.1 Resources

Updated: 06 Feb. 2007

This page includes reference information specific to z/VM V4.1 and made available in the time period following its announcement until central service ends.

z/VM V4.1 Ended Service June 2003.

See z/VM V5.3 for the newest release of z/VM

Announcement information
Search World Wide announcement letters for your country/geography announcement.

Feb. 06, 2007: New
-z/VM V5.3 Announced

May 13, 2003 Announcement
z/VM V4.4 Improves Virtualization Capabilities for Linux on zSeries
- z990 compatibility support for: z/VM V4.3, z/VM V4.2, and z/VM V3.1

April 30, 2002
z/VM V4.3 Expands Industry-Leading Virtualization Technology

October 26, 2001
z/VM V4 R2.0 Generally Available
z/VM V4 R1.0 Withdrawn from Marketing

October 4, 2001
IBM z/VM V4 R2.0 Extends Core Technology Support for IBM eServer zSeries
US: 201-286

Correction to RACF Requirements: RACF V1R10.0 (5740-XXH) with APAR VM62598 (NOT VM62958) to run in 64-bit mode on a zSeries or equivalent, if a security product is needed

Sept. 18, 2001 (USA Letter)
IBM Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) on Multiprise 3000

20 July 2001:
z/VM V4 R1.0 Generally Available

29 May 2001:
z/VM V4 Introduces Engine-Based Pricing - Reducing Your Computing Costs
US: 201-163, Canada: A01-1735, EMEA & LA: ZP01-0307, AP South: AP01-1180

30 May 2001: (Press release)
IBM Introduces z/VM Version 4, Virtualization Technology for Server Consolidation

Reference information

  • z/VM FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
  • z/VM Performance report
  • z/VM V4 R1.0 Architecture Level Set
  • z/VM and VM/ESA Reference Guide PDF
  • Licensed Products Migration matrix for z/VM and VM/ESA
  • (Non-IBM) Solution Developer products that run on z/VM V4 R1.0

Specification Sheets

  • z/VM V4 R1.0 Spec Sheet
  • TCP/IP for z/VM Spec sheet

Online publications