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Documentation Updates

The items listed here provide updates to various TCP/IP for z/VM publications. At this time, all updates listed are associated with specific TCP/IP for z/VM APARs (as noted elsewhere).

These updates are provided here, in an on-line accessible format, because the changes required cannot be readily conveyed using a conventional, plain-text APAR format (for example, the required documentation changes may be considerably complex, or the length of the update exceeds traditional APAR limitations).

Note that these updates may be provided using any of these formats:

  • Unformatted, plain-text files

  • HTML-based information

  • Portable Document Format (PDF) files that can be downloaded and then viewed or printed with Adobe™ Acrobat™ Reader (click this link to download the latest, free version of this reader)

    To download a PDF file:

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Complete TCP/IP Publications are listed and maintained separately from the updates listed here.

    TCP/IP for z/VM Documentation Updates

APAR Number
(If Applicable)
Update Description File Size
(If Applicable)
II14420 Info APAR for Undocumented z/VM TCP/IP Messages ---
PQ71442 PDF DNS Server Configuration Chapter Update 144 KB

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