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TOOLS package

TOOLS is the client or user program that creates requests that are sent to a TOOLSRUN service machine for processing.  It supports all of request types that the TOOLSRUN server allows.  It can send a request to a TOOLSRUN machine anywhere in your network and has a full screen XEDIT interface to make it easy to create requests.

This package just contains the client request code and help files.  Also download the TOOLSRUN Package for the server code.

Also included in this package is a optional program called IUGEN EXEC (Incremental Update GENerate.)  TOOLSRUN supports a method to make an incremental or delta update to a CMS file instead of replacing an entire large file.  (It is similar in concept to creating a diff file on Unix/Linux showing the changes from an old version to a new version.)  The IUGEN EXEC requires the Toolkit feature of the IBM High Level Assembler to generate a file of changes.  Neither the Toolkit feature or the IUGEN EXEC is required to use TOOLS, but it is included to document the format of an update request.  The documentation for IUGEN is in the TRSOURCE Package.

Feedback: Bruce Hayden IBM Washington Systems Center


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V7.6.5  2017-01-30  Current internal version made available
V6.8.6  1996-08-26  First external distribution