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From Kris Buelens, IBM Belgium
GUITWO is a package to help you write a CMS/GUI program in REXX. The result, GUITWO EXEC, is a very simple VM performance monitor.

Before reading GUITWO, be sure to have followed the "lesson" provided in the GUIONE package. This is required as GUITWO is the next step.

The main part of GUITWO is an HTML document that you should read while coding the GUITWO EXEC. We explain how the GUIONE EXEC, we helped you building in the GUIONE document, can be improved:

  • Add Free space in the frame
  • Using a check box to hide controls, and to stop a timer.
    Using a LAYER object
  • Add the VM nodeid in the frame's title, updating a title when the exec runs.
  • Add a radio button by which the user can prefer INDICATE or RTM/ESA as CPU busy source.