The TCP/IP for VM IMAP Project (final beta version)

   IMAP4rev1 Server for VM

In an effort to exploit VM's strengths (reliability, availability, and security) through networking, VM TCP/IP development undertook an IMAP server project. Following a staged beta program, the IMAP server is now included in the production level of TCP/IP for z/VM 4.2.0. The final version of the beta program (Beta Release 1.6.1) will continue to be available for download as part of the IMAP Beta program. This will allow customers running on versions prior to z/VM 4.2.0 to try out the TCP/IP IMAP server.

The VM IMAP server is written in IBM C for VM/ESA and supports the IMAP protocol that is described in RFC 2060. The server accepts mail from SMTP and stores the mail in the IMAP mailstore (which is a dedicated SFS filepool). The beta design uses the SMTPCMDS exit (which is specified in the SMTP configuration file) to cause the SMTP virtual machine to route all local mail to the IMAP server using the spool. The IMAP virtual machine then uses the *SPL system service to asynchronously read in the spool data and store the mail in the mail store (if it was destined for a registered IMAP user).

   IMAP Status (Updated 10 Jan 2002)

As previously mentioned, the final beta version of the VM IMAP Server is currently available for download through the IMAP Beta program. Documentation on setting up and running the IMAP server is included in the download package, and is also available from our VM IMAP Installation page.

Beta Release 1.6.1 of the VM IMAP Server is now available!

This is the final beta release of the IMAP server, as the server now ships in the product as of release 4.2.0 of TCP/IP for z/VM.

It is important to note that the index structure used by beta releases 1.6 and 1.6.1 is not compatible with the index structure used by earlier beta levels. Therefore, if you are migrating from an IMAP beta release prior to 1.5, you must delete all users and re-enroll them on the new beta release to force them to pick up the new index structure. If you are migrating from Beta Release 1.5, you can either delete and re-enroll all users or you can use the IMAP5TO6 sample exec to convert their existing index structures in the mailstore to the new format. Please note, if you choose to change index formats by deleting and re-enrolling users, all existing mail and folders will be lost.

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