Programming Interface Information:
The Monitor Records are intended Programming Interfaces that
allow the customer to write programs to obtain services of z/VM.


Control Block Contents
Cross Reference


 FUNCTION - Map a Monitor record.
        Through the Monitor Control Area
        MRRECHDR    Monitor Record Header
 DESCRIPTIVE NAME - Monitor Sample Record
        Domain 0  - System Domain
        Record 16 - CPU Utilization Data in a Logical Partition
 DESCRIPTION - Utilization data (CPU/core) for an individual
               logical partition.  Also included are data
               for each logical CPU/core in the partition.
               This monitor record is PER CORE if MT is
               enabled in the partition that this record
               is reporting as indicated by the
               SYTCUP_LCXPPSMT field in this record.
   -- A separate record is generated for each logical
      partition reported by the underlying hypervisor.
      However, if the HMC Global Performance Data setting
      is disabled, you will receive a record for only your
   -- The data for a partition with a large number of
      CPUs/cores may not fit in a single record. In this
      case, the data spans a series of records.
      See descriptions of SYTCPU_CALMORE and SYTCPU_CALNREC
   -- Each of these records might make different use of the
      terms "CPU/core/thread" depending on the
      Multithreading (MT) settings of the reported
      partition (see definitions below).
   -- When a field in this record uses the term "CPU/core",
      the meaning of the field changes based on whether
      Multithreading (MT) is enabled for the partition
      whose data is being reported in the record.
      When MT is not enabled, a physical core contains
      only one CPU:
        - CPU   : central processing unit (processor).
        - CORE  : physical unit containing one CPU.
                  In this environment the core has
                  1 thread, the term "thread" is not used,
                  and the term "CPU" is generally favored
                  over the term "core".
       When MT is enabled, a physical core contains one or
       more CPUs (aka "threads"):
         - CPU   : central processing unit (processor).
                   Identified by CPU address which consists
                   of core ID and thread ID.
         - CORE  : physical unit containing one or more CPUs
                   (aka "threads"). All CPUs of a core have
                   the same CPU type.
         - THREAD: synonym for a CPU that is a member of a
                   core. Each thread on a core has a
                   distinct thread ID (TID), numbered from
                   0 up to the maximum thread ID available
                   on the core.
   -- SYTCUP_CALCPUOF and SYTCUP_CALCPULN should always be used
      to locate the SYTCUP_CPUDATA entries.  Their values may be
      subject to change.

MRSYTCUP Control Block Contents

Dec  Hex  Type        Len  Name (Dim)             Description
   0   0  Structure    80  SYTCUP                 Start of monitor record
   0   0  Character     0  SYTCUP_MRHDR           Record header. See MRRECHDR
                                                  for details.
   0   0  Character    20  MRHDR
   0   0  Unsigned      2  MRHDRLEN               record length in bytes
   2   2  Unsigned      2  MRHDRZER               field of zeros
   4   4  Unsigned      1  MRHDRDM                domain identifier
   5   5  Unsigned      1  *
   6   6  Unsigned      2  MRHDRRC                record identifier
   8   8  Character     8  MRHDRTOD               Time at which this record
                                                  was built. In time-of-day
                                                  (TOD) clock format. See IBM
                                                  System 370 XA Principle of
                                                  Operation for explanation of
  16  10  Character     4  *
  20  14  Character     0  MRHDR_END              End of header
  20  14  Character     8  SYTCUP_LCUPNAME        Logical partition name
  28  1C  Unsigned      1  SYTCUP_LCUPPNUM        Logical partition number as
                                                  assigned by LPAR.
  29  1D  Bitstring     1  SYTCUP_CALFLGS         Flag byte
          1... ....        SYTCUP_CALPTIS          When set to ON, this
                                                  logical partition is the one
                                                  that fetched the logical
                                                  CPU/core utilization data
          .1.. ....        SYTCUP_LCXPUPVA         When set to ON, the user
                                                  partition ID
                                                  (SYTCUP_LCXPUPID) is valid.
          ..1. ....        SYTCUP_CALMORE          When set to ON, indicates
                                                  an additional MRSYTCUP record
                                                  is created for this LPAR.
                                                  When OFF, indicates this is
                                                  the only or last MRSYTCUP
                                                  record for this LPAR.
          ...1 ....        SYTCUP_SYSGPRFD         When set to ON, indicates
                                                  Global Performance Data (GPD)
                                                  is enabled for this
          .... 1...        *
          .... .1..        SYTCUP_CALBUSY          When set to ON, indicates that
                                                  a busy condition was encountered
                                                  when attempting to acquire
                                                  current processor utilization
                                                  data. To avoid delays, reported
                                                  data uses cached values that
                                                  were obtained at the time
                                                  indicated in SYTCUP_LCUTCTOD.
          .... ..1.        *
          .... ...1        *
  30  1E  Unsigned      1  SYTCUP_CALNREC         The number of
                                                  SYTCUP_CPUDATA entries in
                                                  this record. A SYTCUP_CPUDATA
                                                  entry is created for each
                                                  logical CPU/core in the
                                                  partition. For the total
                                                  number of logical CPUs/cores
                                                  in the partition see
  31  1F  Unsigned      1  SYTCUP_LCUPCPCT        Total number of logical
                                                  CPUs/cores in this partition.
                                                  If zero, this partition is
                                                  not active. Includes
                                                  secondary CPUs/cores if
                                                  SYTCUG_LCUT204E is on.
  32  20  Signed        2  SYTCUP_CALCPUOF        Byte offset, relative from
                                                  the start of this record, to
                                                  the first SYTCUP_CPUDATA
                                                  entry of the table
  34  22  Signed        2  SYTCUP_CALCPULN        Length in bytes of a
                                                  SYTCUP_CPUDATA entry
  36  24  Character     8  SYTCUP_LCUTCTOD        Time-of-day, in TOD clock
                                                  format, that the logical
                                                  CPU/core information was
  44  2C  Character    16  SYTCUP_LCPTYPE         CPU/Core TYPE as from
                                                  EBCDIC NAME TABLE. This table
                                                  is provided by the hardware
                                                  and describes the type of
                                                  logical CPU/core. When
                                                  SYTCUG_LCUT204E is on, this
                                                  field does not contain a
                                                  value; instead, the CPU/core
                                                  type is available per logical
                                                  CPU/core in SYTCUP_LCXCPTYP.
  60  3C  Unsigned      1  SYTCUP_LCXPUPID        User partition ID UPID is
                                                  valid if SYTCUP_LCXPUPVA is
                                                  ON. Otherwise set to zero.
                                                  This is the UPID assigned by
                                                  the user in the image profile
                                                  and is seen as the partition
                                                  identifier in the activation
  61  3D  Bitstring     1  SYTCUP_LCXPMTST        Partition multithreading
          1... ....        *
          .1.. ....        *
          ..1. ....        *
          ...1 1111        SYTCUP_LCXPPSMT         Bits 3-7 = Maximum
                                                  supported TID (range 1-31,
                                                  indicating 2-32
                                                  threads/core). Zero if MT not
                                                  enabled in partition.
  62  3E  Character     2  *                      Reserved for IBM use
  64  40  Character     8  SYTCUP_LCXHGPNM        LPAR Group Name. Binary
                                                  zeros when undefined. EBCDIC
                                                  and padded on the left when
  72  48  Character     8  *                      Reserved for IBM use
  80  50  Character     0  *                      Table of SYTCUP_CPUDATA
                                                  entries, one for each logical
                                                  CPU/core described by this
                                                  record. SYTCUP_CALCPUOF,
                                                  SYTCUP_CALCPULN and
                                                  SYTCUP_CALNREC should be used
                                                  to locate this table.

CPU/core Utilization data for an individual logical CPU/core. There is a separate entry for each logical CPU/core in the partition.
Offsets Dec Hex Type Len Name (Dim) Description 0 0 Structure 64 SYTCUP_CPUDATA Logical CPU/core data entry 0 0 Unsigned 2 SYTCUP_LCUCPUID Logical CPU address/core ID 2 2 Unsigned 2 SYTCUP_LCUCWGHT Processing weight as assigned to the partition. Value is in range of 0 to 999 except that it is set to 65535 (x'FFFF') if a physical CPU/core is dedicated to this logical CPU/core. 4 4 Bitstring 1 SYTCUP_LCUCFLGS CPU/Core Information flag byte 1... .... SYTCUP_LCUCWCPL Wait completion flag. ON = 'YES' has been specified in the Wait Completion option of the logical partition controls. Logical CPU/core dispatching is to be done without regard to logical CPU/core wait states. OFF = CPU/Core time not used by one logical CPU/core may be given to another logical CPU/core or logical partition. .1.. .... SYTCUP_LCUCCAPP Initial capping flag. Indicates whether the initial capping checkbox is selected in the partition's activation profile. ..1. .... SYTCUP_LCXCCONL CPU/Core-online flag. ON if logical CPU/core currently online. Valid only if enhanced LPAR support available (SYTCUG_LCUT204A is ON and SYTCUG_LCUT204S is OFF). ...1 .... * .... 1... * .... .1.. * .... ..1. * .... ...1 * 5 5 Bitstring 1 SYTCUP_CALFLAG Partition capping flag. 1... .... SYTCUP_CALFLAGCPU Indicates whether absolute capping is in effect for CPUs/cores of this type. .1.. .... SYTCUP_CALFLAGGRP Indicates whether LPAR Group capping is in effect for CPUs/cores of this type. ..1. .... * ...1 .... * .... 1... * .... .1.. * .... ..1. * .... ...1 * 6 6 Character 8 SYTCUP_LCUCACTM Accumulated number of microseconds during which a physical CPU/core was assigned to this logical CPU/core. Accumulation continues (i.e., is not reset) while the logical CPU/core is defined. 14 E Character 8 SYTCUP_LCUCLPTM Accumulated number of microseconds, excluding LPAR-management time, during which a physical CPU/core was assigned to this logical CPU/core. This value is not reset while the logical CPU/core is defined. 22 16 Character 16 SYTCUP_LCXCPTYP CPU/Core type as EBCDIC string. Contains a value only if enhanced LPAR monitor support with support for secondary CPUs/cores is available as indicated by SYTCUG_LCUT204E. 38 26 Unsigned 2 SYTCUP_LCXCCWT Current weight for this logical partition. The weight is in the range 0-999; except that it is 65,535 (x'FFFF') if this logical partition uses dedicated CPUs/cores. This field is valid only when SYTCUG_LCUT204A is on. 40 28 Character 4 SYTCUP_LCXCTYCP if absolute capping is in effect for CPUs/cores of this type, the value in this field expresses the absolute cap amount in units of hundredths of physical CPUs'/cores' worth of power. 44 2C Unsigned 4 SYTCUP_CALCAPV if absolute capping is in effect for CPUs/cores of this type, the value in this field expresses the absolute cap amount in units such that X'00010000' represents one physical CPU's/cores's worth of power. 48 30 Character 8 SYTCUP_LCXCMTIT MT Idle Time. Aggregate idle time in microseconds for all CPUs of a dispatched core. Includes the time that an individual dispatched CPU of a core is in any of these states: enabled wait, disabled wait, stopped state, check-stop state, or program interrupt loop. Valid only if MT is enabled in this partition. 56 38 Unsigned 4 SYTCUP_LCXHGPCP LPAR Group Absolute Capacity Cap value for this CPU type when nonzero. This field will be nonzero only when LCXHGPNM is nonzero and a cap is defined for the Hardware Group for this CPU type. When nonzero, contains a 32-bit unsigned binary integer whose value is a count of hundredths of CPU/core units of type Ctidx. 60 3C Unsigned 4 SYTCUP_CALGCAPV if LPAR Group Capping is in effect for CPUs/cores of this CPU type, the value in this field expresses the absolute cap amount in scaled units such that X'00010000' represents one physical CPU's/cores's worth of power. 64 40 Character 0 SYTCUP_END

MRSYTCUP Cross Reference

                      Hex           Hex
Name                  Offset Length Value
MRHDR                      0     20
MRHDR_END                 14      0
MRHDRDM                    4      1
MRHDRLEN                   0      2
MRHDRRC                    6      2
MRHDRTOD                   8      8
MRHDRZER                   2      2
SYTCUP                     0     80
SYTCUP_CALBUSY            1D           04
SYTCUP_CALCAPV            2C      4
SYTCUP_CALCPULN           22      2
SYTCUP_CALCPUOF           20      2
SYTCUP_CALFLAG             5      1
SYTCUP_CALFLAGCPU          5           80
SYTCUP_CALFLAGGRP          5           40
SYTCUP_CALFLGS            1D      1
SYTCUP_CALGCAPV           3C      4
SYTCUP_CALMORE            1D           20
SYTCUP_CALNREC            1E      1
SYTCUP_CALPTIS            1D           80
SYTCUP_CPUDATA             0     64
SYTCUP_END                40      0
SYTCUP_LCPTYPE            2C     16
SYTCUP_LCUCACTM            6      8
SYTCUP_LCUCCAPP            4           40
SYTCUP_LCUCFLGS            4      1
SYTCUP_LCUCLPTM            E      8
SYTCUP_LCUCPUID            0      2
SYTCUP_LCUCWCPL            4           80
SYTCUP_LCUCWGHT            2      2
SYTCUP_LCUPCPCT           1F      1
SYTCUP_LCUPNAME           14      8
SYTCUP_LCUPPNUM           1C      1
SYTCUP_LCUTCTOD           24      8
SYTCUP_LCXCCONL            4           20
SYTCUP_LCXCCWT            26      2
SYTCUP_LCXCMTIT           30      8
SYTCUP_LCXCPTYP           16     16
SYTCUP_LCXCTYCP           28      4
SYTCUP_LCXHGPCP           38      4
SYTCUP_LCXHGPNM           40      8
SYTCUP_LCXPMTST           3D      1
SYTCUP_LCXPUPID           3C      1
SYTCUP_LCXPUPVA           1D           40
SYTCUP_MRHDR               0      0
SYTCUP_SYSGPRFD           1D           10

This information is
based on z/VM V6R4.0.

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