Programming Interface Information:
The Monitor Records are intended Programming Interfaces that
allow the customer to write programs to obtain services of z/VM.


Control Block Contents
Cross Reference


 FUNCTION - Map a Monitor record.
        Through the Monitor Control Area
        MRRECHDR    Monitor Record Header
 DESCRIPTIVE NAME - Monitor Sample Record
                    Domain 0 - System Domain
                    Record 9 - Physical Channel Path Contention Data
 DESCRIPTION - Channel Path Contention data, based entirely
               on high frequency sampling, shows the number of
               times that each channel path was busy.
   - This data is high-frequency sampling data collected by
     issuing the STORE CHANNEL PATH STATUS instruction which
     tests the status (busy or not busy) of all possible channel
     paths. The rate of high-frequency sampling is determined
     (or defaulted) by the MONITOR SAMPLE RATE command.
   - When VM is running in an LPAR in Multiple Image Facility
     mode, physical channel paths may be shared with other
     partitions. This record reflects total usage of the physical
     channel paths by all partitions. Logical channel path
     utilization data for this VM partition is provided in
     MRSYTCPM (domain 0, record 18) or MRSYTEPM (domain 0, record 20)
   - The STORE CHANNEL PATH STATUS instruction is not useful
     for providing channel path utilization data for FICON
     channels. Therefore, if you are looking for information
     on channel path utilization for FICON channels, the
     information is provided in MRSYTCPM (domain 0, record 18)
     or MRSYTEPM (domain 0, record 20).
   - Starting with the z990 processor, the STORE CHANNEL PATH
     STATUS instruction used to create this monitor record
     will no longer return valid information. Please refer
     to MRSYTEPM (domain 0, record 20) for valid channel
     path utilization data.

MRSYTCPC Control Block Contents

Dec Hex  Type       Len  Name (Dim)          Description
  0   0  Structure  252  SYTCPC              start of monitor record
  0   0  Character    0  SYTCPC_MRHDR        Record header. See MRRECHDR for
  0   0  Character   20  MRHDR               
  0   0  Unsigned     2  MRHDRLEN            record length in bytes
  2   2  Unsigned     2  MRHDRZER            field of zeros
  4   4  Unsigned     1  MRHDRDM             domain identifier
  5   5  Unsigned     1  *                   
  6   6  Unsigned     2  MRHDRRC             record identifier
  8   8  Character    8  MRHDRTOD            Time at which this record was
                                             built. In time-of-day (TOD) clock
                                             format. See IBM System 370 XA
                                             Principle of Operation for
                                             explanation of format.
 16  10  Character    4  *                   
 20  14  Character    0  MRHDR_END           End of header
 20  14  Character  232  SYTCPC_HFSAMPLE     
 20  14  Unsigned     4  SYTCPC_HFCOUNT      Number of samples taken
 24  18  Unsigned     4  SYTCPC_HFCHBUSY(0:25Number of times the
                                             corresponding channel path was
                                             busy. Each index number of this
                                             array corresponds to its channel
                                             path number, 0 to 255. Example:
                                             HFCHBUSY(51) = the number of times
                                             that channel path no. 51 was busy.
048 418  Unsigned     4  SYTCPC_HFCHSIM(0:50)Number of times the
                                             corresponding number of channel
                                             paths were simultaneously busy.
                                             Each index number from 0 to 49
                                             corresponds to the total number of
                                             channel paths that were busy.
                                             Example: HFCHSIM(23) = the number
                                             of times that 23 channel paths
                                             were active at one time. For index
                                             number 50, this is the number of
                                             times that 50 or more channel
                                             paths were simultaneously busy.
252 4E4  Character    0  SYTCPC_END          

MRSYTCPC Cross Reference

                      Hex           Hex
Name                 Offset Length Value
MRHDR                   0     20
MRHDR_END              14      0
MRHDRDM                 4      1
MRHDRLEN                0      2
MRHDRRC                 6      2
MRHDRTOD                8      8
MRHDRZER                2      2
SYTCPC                  0   1252
SYTCPC_END            4E4      0
SYTCPC_HFCHBUSY        18   1024
SYTCPC_HFCHSIM        418    204
SYTCPC_HFCOUNT         14      4
SYTCPC_HFSAMPLE        14   1232
SYTCPC_MRHDR            0      0

This information is based on z/VM V4R4.0.
Last updated on 22 Jul 2003 at 15:04:23.
Copyright IBM Corporation, 1990, 2003