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 FUNCTION   : HCPRDMBK defines a Relocation Domain. It heads the
              chain of architecture description blocks (ARDBKs) used in
              this domain which are pointed to by RDMARDP. The first in chain
              is the canonical ARDBK for the domain. It defines the maximal
              common subset of architectural features supported by all members
              of the domain. The canonical ARD persists for the life of the
              domain irrespective of any users logged on in this domain.
              Other ARDBKs on this ARD chain are temporary.  These
              temporary ARDBKs are called "variant ARDs."  They persist
              while there are users logged on in the domain using the
              architecture described by these ARDBKs. The variant ARDBKs
              exist only on the member affected. They are created when logged
              on users have to use an ARD that differs from the canonical to
              avoid feature loss through domain operations such as h/w
              configuration change or domain redefinition. Variant ARDBKs
              are also defined when a user is forced out-of-domain to a
              member not supporting all features of the current domain.
              The RDMBK contains the member mask, each bit of which
              represents a member of the SSI. If a bit is set then this
              SSI member is included in this domain. The member mask is
              used in conjunction with the override mask which is located
              in the ARDBK to determine excluded and out-of-domain
              relocations as follows:
              DOM MEMBER        CORRESP. ARD      RELOCATION
              MASK BIT          OVERRIDE BIT      INTERPRETATION
              0                 0                 Not a candidate.
              1                 0                 Is a candidate and a domain
              1                 1                 Domain member is excluded.
              0                 1                 Out-of-domain-relocation
              included member.
              Out-of-domain Relocations (ODRs):
              These occur when a guest is relocated to a system not included
              in the membership of the domain. This is allowed for emergency
              purposes and cases where a guest is being migrated to a new
              domain. The ODR member becomes a temporary member of the domain
              but is not eligible for general purpose relocation within
              the domain. To effect an out-of-domain relocation the FORCE
              DOMAIN option is required on the VMRELOCATE command. The
              FORCE ARCHITECTURE option might also be required.
              The RDMBK contains the last assigned sequence number (a token
              applied to each ARD within a domain and unique within the
              The ARD sequence number is incremented on allocation of a new
              ARD within this domain but is never decremented. It serves to
              indicate an ordering on the generations of ARD used within a
              domain: older generations will have lower sequence numbers than
              newer generations.
              Also embedded within the RDMBK is a deferred lock for
              serializing the RDMBK and associated ARDBK chains for this
              particular domain.
              The RDMBK also contains the domain name.
              All RDMBKs for an SSI form a linked list which is anchored from
              the VAABK located at externalized label HCPARDVA.
              VAASRDP --  Chain singleton domain RDMBKs only anchored
              in the VAABK
              VAARDMP --  Chain of all RDMBKs anchored in VAABK
              ARDHRDM --  ARDBK header (field of ARDHDR)
              RDMSRDP --  Forward pointer for VAASRDP chain
              RDMNEXT --  Forward pointer for VAARDMP chain
 CREATED BY : HCPARDIN creates default domain RDMBKs at initialization
              HCPRLJRD creates RDMBKs for installation-defined domains
              in the SYSTEM CONFIG file
              HCPRDM   relocation domain synchronization at SSI Join time
              and during DEFINE RELODOMAIN command processing
 DELETED BY : Relocation domains cannot be deleted
 REFERENCES : HCPARDBK - ARchitecture Description block
 SERIALIZED : VAAXLK (local) for RDM chain local to a member
              VAAXLK (X-System) for RDM chain across the SSI
              RDMLOCK for one RDM and dependent ARD chain with a member
 RELOCATION CONSIDERATIONS : This structure may be mirrored to multiple members of the
              SSI. It is not relocated, but through actions to a domain or
              member of a domain this structure might be updated or
              deleted. Either of these will require those changes to be
              mirrored to other members of the SSI.
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 RDMBK DSECT Top of page
Hex Dec Type/Val Lng Label (dup) Comments ---- ---- --------- ---- -------------- -------- 0000 0 Structure RDMBK RELOCATION DOMAIN BLOCK 0000 0 Address 4 RDMNEXT Next in chain of all relocation domains. Zero if end of chain. This chain is anchored at VAARDMP. 0004 4 Address 4 RDMARDP Pointer to ARD (ARDHNXT) chain. 0008 8 Address 4 RDMSRDP Singleton domain chain pointer headed from VAASRDP. Zero if this is not a singleton domain or end of singleton chain. 000C 12 Signed 4 RDMASEQ Last used ARD Sequence number 0010 16 Character 8 RDMNAME Domain Name 0018 24 Bitstring 4 RDMMMASK Domain Member mask 001C 28 Bitstring 4 * Reserved for future IBM use 0020 32 Dbl-Word 8 RDMLOCK (3) Deferred Lock for RDM and related ARDs To hold more than one RDMLOCK at the same time, the VAAXLK lock must be acquired exclusively (either globally or locally) before either RDMLOCK is acquired. 0038 56 Bitstring 1 RDMFLGS Flags byte 1... .... RDMFDEL X'80' RDMFDEL Domain pending deletion. No further logons relocations into, or redefinitions of this domain are permitted. When the last user logs off, the RDMBK and canonical ARD will be deleted. .1.. .... RDMFLOCK X'40' RDMFLOCK The RDMlock has been obtained exclusively using the RDMLock macro (HCPRDM) 0039 57 Bitstring 7 * Reserved for alignment 00000008 RDMDWSZ (*-RDMBK+7)/8 Double-word length of the RDMBK Equates for R0 input to the HCPRDMAD routine 00000000 RDMADNSI 0 Input RDMBK is not a singleton domain so add it only to the VAARDMP queue 00000001 RDMADSI 1 Input RDMBK is a singleton domain so add it to VAASRDP and VAARDMP queues 00000002 RDMADPQ 2 Add RDMBK to pending queue (VAASCPQ)
  RDMBK Storage Layout Top of page
*     +---------------------------+---------------------------+
*   0 |         RDMNEXT           |         RDMARDP           |
*     +---------------------------+---------------------------+
*   8 |         RDMSRDP           |         RDMASEQ           |
*     +---------------------------+---------------------------+
*  10 |                       RDMNAME                         |
*     +---------------------------+---------------------------+
*  18 |         RDMMMASK          |///////////////////////////|
*     +---------------------------+---------------------------+
*  20 |                                                       |
*     =                       RDMLOCK                         =
*     |                                                       |
*     +------+------------------------------------------------+
*  38 |:FLGS |////////////////////////////////////////////////|
*     +------+------------------------------------------------+
*  40
  RDMBK Cross Reference Top of page
Symbol         Dspl Value
-------------- ---- -----
RDMADNSI       0039 00000000
RDMADPQ        0039 00000002
RDMADSI        0039 00000001
RDMARDP        0004
RDMASEQ        000C
RDMDWSZ        0039 00000008
RDMFDEL        0038 80
RDMFLGS        0038
RDMFLOCK       0038 40
RDMLOCK        0020
RDMMMASK       0018
RDMNAME        0010
RDMNEXT        0000
RDMSRDP        0008
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