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 DESCRIPTION: Page Table Resource Management block
 FUNCTION   : Contains information used in managing
              (allocation and re-organization of) a PTRM
              address space.
 LOCATED BY : ASCTYPTR field of ASCBK points to a CAABK.  This
              control block starts at CAAFSI (function specific
              information) section of the CAABK.
 CREATED BY : HCPHRPIN, when creating a PTRM address space
 DELETED BY : Once created it is never deleted.
              The PTRM reorganization fields were moved from this
              PTRM specific control block to the more general,
              CAABK.  This was because HCPHSURO, HCPHAMAP and
              HCPHAMDP now manage other System Utility address
              spaces (like the ISFC address space, ASCUCONN in
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Hex Dec Type/Val Lng Label (dup) Comments ---- ---- --------- ---- -------------- -------- 0000 0 Structure PTRMB Page Table Resource Management block 0000 0 Bitstring 1 PTRINDEX Index of the RSAASITB entry that describes address space. Serialized by RSAPRLK. 0001 1 Bitstring 1 * (3) Reserved for IBM use 0004 4 Signed 4 * (3) Reserved for IBM use 00000002 PTRSIZE (*-PTRMB+7)/8 Size, in doublewords, of PTRMB.
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*** PTRMB - Page Table Resource Management block
*     +------+--------------------+---------------------------+
*   0 |:INDEX|////////////////////|///////////////////////////|
*     +------+--------------------+///////////////////////////|
*     |///////////////////////////////////////////////////////|
*     +-------------------------------------------------------+
*  10
*** PTRMB - Page Table Resource Management block
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Symbol         Dspl Value
-------------- ---- -----
PTRINDEX       0000
PTRSIZE        0004 00000002
This information is based on z/VM 6.3.0 Last updated on 22 May 2013 at 13:55:17 EDT.
Copyright IBM Corporation, 1990, 2013