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 DESCRIPTION: PTE Serialization Status Tracking block
 DSECT      : PSST
 FUNCTION   : A PTE Serialization Status Tracking block
              describes the PTE serialization that a task
              believes it currently holds on a specific
              PTE. It is not the actual PTE serialization
              state, but rather a record used by a routine
              to keep track of what it currently holds.
              This is not a control block that is allocated, but
              rather a DSECT typically used to redefine a portion
              of a savearea.
 NOTES      : The HCPPGSER, HCPTPGSR, and HCPPTERD macros provide
              a TRACKING parameter which is used with this DSECT.
              HCPPGSER and HCPPTERD assist in maintaining the state
              of the PSST DSECT while HCPTPGSR will verify that the
              TRACKING value is consistent file the actual PTE
              serialization state reflected in the PGSTE.
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Hex Dec Type/Val Lng Label (dup) Comments ---- ---- --------- ---- -------------- -------- 0000 0 Structure PSST PTE Serialization Status Tracking block PSSFLAGS provides additional information related to the PTE serialization state in the PSSPGSER byte. PSSRESERVED must never be on because of dependencies in the HCPPGSER and HCPTPGSR macros. 0000 0 Bitstring 1 PSSFLAGS Flag bits related to PSSPGSER. 1... .... PSSRESERVED X'80' PSSRESERVED Reserved - must never be on. .... ...1 PSSREDRIVE X'01' PSSREDRIVE Task is committed to redrive. PSSPGSER is a code that represents the PTE Serialization state that the task currently holds. It is a record of what the task believes it holds, not the actual PTE Serialization state which is in the PGSTE. The value corresponds to a single PTE serialization state unlike the PGSTE which may need to reflect that both PCLONLY and SOFTLONG are held by different tasks. 0001 1 Bitstring 1 PSSPGSER PTE Serialization task holds. 00000000 PSSNONE X'00' PSSNONE No PTE serialization is held. 00000080 PSSPCLONLY PSSPCL PSSPCLONLY X'80' 000000C0 PSSSHORT PSSPCL+PSSPCL2 PSSSHORT X'C0' 000000E0 PSSHARDLONG PSSPCL+PSSPCL2+PSSLTSER PSSHARDLONG X'E0' 00000060 PSSSOFTLONG PSSPCL2+PSSLTSER PSSSOFTLONG X'60' 000000C1 PSSERRSHORT PSSPCL+PSSPCL2+PSSERROR PSSERRSHORT X'C1' 1... .... PSSPCL PGSPCL PSSPCL X'80' The following equates shouldn't be used directly. They define the individual bits that the PTE serialization states are composed of. 00000040 PSSPCL2 PGSPCL2 X'40' 00000020 PSSLTSER PGSLTSER X'20' 00000001 PSSERROR PGSERROR X'01' END OF DEFINITION
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*** PSST - PTE Serialization Status Tracking block
*     +------+------+
*   0 |:FLAGS|:PGSER| 2
*     +------+------+
*** PSST - PTE Serialization Status Tracking block
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Symbol         Dspl Value
-------------- ---- -----
PSSERROR       0001 00000001
PSSERRSHORT    0001 000000C1
PSSFLAGS       0000
PSSHARDLONG    0001 000000E0
PSSLTSER       0001 00000020
PSSNONE        0001 00000000
PSSPCL         0001 80
PSSPCLONLY     0001 00000080
PSSPCL2        0001 00000040
PSSPGSER       0001
PSSREDRIVE     0000 01
PSSRESERVED    0000 80
PSSSHORT       0001 000000C0
PSSSOFTLONG    0001 00000060
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