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PAGTE Prolog

 Name       : HCPPAGTE
 Description: Page Table Entry
 Function   : A Page Table Entry is a hardware architected
              area that describes one 4K page of virtual
              storage.  In ESA/390 mode, Page Table Entries
              are one word (4 bytes) in length.  In ESAME
              mode, page table entries are one doubleword
              (8 bytes) in length.
 Located by : ESA/390 mode:
              PGMPAGTB in a PGMBK + (page offset * 4)
              FRMPTE   field of HCPFRMTE (31 bit address)
              ESAME mode:
              PGMPAGTB in a PGMBK + (page offset * 8)
              FRMPTE   field of HCPFRMTE (31 bit address)
              A page table resides in a Page Management Block
              (PGMBK) associated with a megabyte of virtual
              storage, and is located by PGMPAGTB and pointed
              to by the Page Table Origin (PTO) portion of a
              valid Segment Table Entry (STE).  There are (up
              to) 256 contiguous page table entries in a page
              table.  (ESA/390 page tables may have less than
              than 256 entries, depending on the Page Table
              Length field SEGPTL in the STE associated with
              the page table.  ESAME page tables must always be
              a full 256 entries in length.)
              A page table entry may be pointed to by the FRMPTE
              field of a frame table entry if a frame is
              associated with the page.
              Any specific page table entry can be obtained by
              extracting the page number (bits 12-19 for ESA390
              and bits 44-51 for ESAME) from the vitrual address
              and, by multiplying the page number by the correct
              PTE length, calculating the offset into the
              page table.
              A page table is imbedded in a page management
              block and consequently space for the PTE is
              created when the PGMBK is created.
              At initialization time, information for CP pagable
              initialization modules is put in PTEs by HCPISTOR.
              After initialization, the infromation within each
              PTE is filled in my HCPTRANS.
              A page table is deleted when a page management
              block is released.


PAGTE Control Block Content


Hex   Dec Type/Val   Lng Label (dup)    Comments
---- ---- --------- ---- -------------- --------
0000    0 Structure      PAGTE          Page Table Entry
     ESA/390 mode Page-Table Entry format
0000    0 Signed       4 PAGENTRY       HARDWARE PAGE TABLE ENTRY
          PAGENTRY       PAGPFRAM       X'7FFFF000' Isolate
                                        page-frame-real address
          PAGENTRY       PAGPTOM        X'7FFFFC00' Isolate Page Table
                                        Origin (PTO) given the address of
                                        a PTE
          PAGENTRY       PAGINVM        X'00000400' Isolate page-invalid
          PAGENTRY       PAGPROTM       X'00000200' Isolate
                                        page-protection bit
          PAGENTRY       PAGRSVM        X'80000900' Reserved bits, must
                                        be 0 in any valid PTE
          00000004       PAGLENTH       *-PAGENTRY LENGTH OF ONE PAGE
                                        TABLE ENTRY
0004    4 Signed       4 PAGNEXT (0)    NEXT PAGE TABLE ENTRY
0000    0 Bitstring    1 *              BITS 1-19 ARE ARCHITECTED AS THE
0001    1 Bitstring    1 *              4K ALIGNED PAGE FRAME ADDRESS.
0002    2 Bitstring    1 PAGSTAT        BITS 0, 20, AND 23 MUST BE ZERO,
                                        BITS 21 AND 22 ARE DEFINED BELOW.
          .... .1..      PAGINVAL       X'04' PAGE TABLE ENTRY IS INVALID
          .... ..1.      PAGPROT        X'02' PAGE PROTECTED (READ ONLY)
     The following definitions are for Minidisk cache virtual address space
     data pages. MDC uses these bits rather than the ones in the PGSTE
     because MDC uses compact page tables (4 page tables per frame).
          .... ...1      PAGXSVAL       X'01' Indicates that an invalid
                                        MDC PTE is valid in XSTORE.
0003    3 Bitstring    1 PAGSTAT2       Second status byte
          .... .1..      PAGXSREF       X'04' Indicates that the XSTORE
                                        block has been referenced.
     The following maps the page-table entry in the System/370 architecture.
     Note that System/370 page-table entries are only two bytes long; these
     mask definitions assume that the two byte System/370 PTE value is
     loaded into the rightmost two bytes of a GPR.
          0000FFF0       PAG3PF4M       X'0000FFF0' Isolate
                                        page-frame-real address for S/370
                                        PTE, 4K pages
          .... 1...      PAG3IN4M       X'00000008' Isolate page-invalid
                                        bit for S/370 PTE, 4K pages
          .... .11.      PAG3EA4M       X'00000006' Isolate
                                        extended-storage-address bits for
                                        S/370 PTE, 4K pages
          00FF0008       PAG3RS4M       X'FFFF0008' Reserved bits, must
                                        be 0 in any valid S/370 PTE, 2K
          0000FFF8       PAG3PF2M       X'0000FFF8' Isolate
                                        page-frame-real address for S/370
                                        PTE, 2K pages
          .... .1..      PAG3IN2M       X'00000004' Isolate page-invalid
                                        bit for S/370 PTE, 2K pages
          00FF0006       PAG3RS2M       X'FFFF0006' Reserved bits, must
                                        be 0 in any valid S/370 PTE, 2K
          00FF0001       PAG3B15M       X'FFFF0001' S/370 PTE bit 15 is
                                        unassigned and not checked for


PAGTE Storage Layout

*** PAGTE - Page Table Entry
*     +---------------------------+
*   0 |         PAGENTRY          |
*     +---------------------------+
*** PAGTE - Page Table Entry
*** Overlay for PAGENTRY in PAGTE
*     +------+------+------+------+
*   0 |//////|//////|:STAT |:STAT2| 4
*     +------+------+------+------+
*** Overlay for PAGENTRY in PAGTE


PAGTE Cross Reference

Symbol         Dspl Value
-------------- ---- -----
PAGENTRY       0000
PAGINVAL       0002 04
PAGLENTH       0000 00000004
PAGNEXT        0004
PAGPROT        0002 02
PAGSTAT        0002
PAGSTAT2       0003
PAGXSREF       0003 04
PAGXSVAL       0002 01
PAG3B15M       0003 00FF0001
PAG3EA4M       0003 06
PAG3IN2M       0003 04
PAG3IN4M       0003 08
PAG3PF2M       0003 0000FFF8
PAG3PF4M       0003 0000FFF0
PAG3RS2M       0003 00FF0006
PAG3RS4M       0003 00FF0008

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