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Control Block Contents  

Storage Layout  

Cross Reference (Contains links to field and bit definitions)  

DGSBK Prolog

 Name       : HCPDGSBK
 Description: Directory generic string block
 Function   : The directory generic string block contains a
              character string created by a directory
              statement processed by HCPDIR.
 Located by : On DASD - DVMDWDAD/DVMDWDSP fields of HCPDVMD
              DVMDUDAD/DVMDUDSP fields of HCPDVMD
              DVMDRDAD/DVMDRDSP fields of HCPDVMD
              In storage - DVMDWDAD field of HCPDVMD
              DVMDUDAD field of HCPDVMD
              DVMDRDAD field of HCPDVMD
 Created by : HCPDIR
 Deleted by : HCPLGBFR
 Comments   : This block is used to contain various
              string (text) fields in the object directory.
              The DGSLABEL field identifies which string a
              specific instance of this block contains.
              An "in-storage" copy of this block may contain
              data from the online directory or an ESM.


DGSBK Control Block Content


Hex   Dec Type/Val   Lng Label (dup)    Comments
---- ---- --------- ---- -------------- --------
0000    0 Structure      DGSBK          Directory generic string block
0000    0 Signed       4 DGSBKLEN       DGSBK block size in bytes
0004    4 Character    3 DGSLABEL       Label to validate this block. It
                                        is also used to identify the
                                        variable-length string starting
                                        at DGSTRING
0007    7 Bitstring    1 DGSVERS        Version code for this block
          00000000       DGSVERS0       X'00' Initial version
          00000008       DGSHDRBS       (*-DGSBK) Size of fixed-length
                                        portion of the DGSBK, in bytes
0008    8 Character    1 DGSTRING (0)   Start of variable-length string.
                                        It will contain a 1- to
                                        character string
          000003FF       DGSMSIWD       1023 Maximum allowed length of
          000003FF       DGSMSIUP       1023 Maximum allowed length of
          000003FF       DGSMSFSR       1023 Maximum allowed length of
          00000407       DGSMBIWD       (DGSHDRBS+DGSMSIWD) Maximum IWDIR
                                        DGSBK block size, in bytes
          00000407       DGSMBIUP       (DGSHDRBS+DGSMSIUP) Maximum IUPGM
                                        DGSBK block size, in bytes
          00000407       DGSMBFSR       (DGSHDRBS+DGSMSFSR) Maximum
                                        FSROOT DGSBK block size, in bytes
                                        **** THE VALUE OF FSMAXB FOR
                                        DATAMAP IS 4072
          00000FE8       DGSMB          FSMAXB Maximum DGSBK block size,
                                        in bytes
          00000FE0       DGSMS          (DGSMB-DGSHDRBS) Maximum length
                                        of DGSTRING


DGSBK Storage Layout

*** DGSBK - Directory generic string block
*     +---------------------------+--------------------+------+
*   0 |         DGSBKLEN          |     DGSLABEL       |:VERS |
*     +---------------------------+--------------------+------+
*** DGSBK - Directory generic string block


DGSBK Cross Reference

Symbol         Dspl Value
-------------- ---- -----
DGSBKLEN       0000
DGSHDRBS       0007 00000008
DGSLABEL       0004
DGSMB          0008 00000FE8
DGSMBFSR       0008 00000407
DGSMBIUP       0008 00000407
DGSMBIWD       0008 00000407
DGSMS          0008 00000FE0
DGSMSFSR       0008 000003FF
DGSMSIUP       0008 000003FF
DGSMSIWD       0008 000003FF
DGSTRING       0008
DGSVERS        0007
DGSVERS0       0007 00000000

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