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Control Block Contents  

Storage Layout  

Cross Reference (Contains links to field and bit definitions)  

DGDBK Prolog

 Name       : HCPDGDBK
 Description: Directory generic data block
 Function   : The directory generic data block maps a block
              written by the generic write routine in HCPDIR.
 Located by : DGRPNDAD/DGRPNDSP fields of HCPDGRPM
              DVMDWDAD/DVMDWDSP fields of HCPDVMD
              DVMDUDAD/DVMDUDSP fields of HCPDVMD
              DVMDRDAD/DVMDRDSP fields of HCPDVMD
              DVMDSDAD/DVMDSDSP fields of HCPDVMD
              DNXGIDAD/DNXGIDSP fields of HCPDNXBK
 Created by : HCPDIR
 Deleted by : None
 Comments   : A directory generic data block can be
              considered to consist of 2 overlapping entities.
              The "generic block" is the entire block and includes
              the generic header and a variable length "data
              block".  The data block is identified by the DGDID
              field and is usually mapped by its own DSECT.
              These blocks are written to the directory DASD
              by HCPDIR's generic write routine, and they are
              read and handled by the directory generic read
              routine, HCPUDPRD.


DGDBK Control Block Content


Hex   Dec Type/Val   Lng Label (dup)    Comments
---- ---- --------- ---- -------------- --------
0000    0 Structure      DGDBK          Directory generic data block
0000    0 Signed       4 DGDLEN         Total length of the generic block
                                        (generic header + data block)
0004    4 Bitstring    1 * (3)          Reserved for IBM use
0007    7 Bitstring    1 DGDID          ID number that identifies the
                                        specific type of the data block
          00000001       DGDIDGRP       1 ID number for DGRPM
          00000002       DGDIDDGS       2 ID number for DGSBK
          00000003       DGDIDSGR       3 ID number for DSGR
          00000008       DGDHDRSZ       *-DGDBK Generic header size, in
0008    8 Bitstring    1 DGDDBLOK (0)   The data block starts here


DGDBK Storage Layout

*** DGDBK - Directory generic data block
*     +---------------------------+--------------------+------+
*   0 |          DGDLEN           |////////////////////|DGDID |
*     +---------------------------+--------------------+------+
*** DGDBK - Directory generic data block


DGDBK Cross Reference

Symbol         Dspl Value
-------------- ---- -----
DGDDBLOK       0008
DGDHDRSZ       0007 00000008
DGDID          0007
DGDIDDGS       0007 00000002
DGDIDGRP       0007 00000001
DGDIDSGR       0007 00000003
DGDLEN         0000

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